16 November 2014

Vlog: Dear Megan Trainor

So you think I'm "strong"? Me and the millions of other people who struggle with what is a potentially life-threatening and serious ILLNESS? 

I already took issue with the song All About the Bass, for its inverted 'skinny shaming' - despite seemingly being a refreshing embrace of the true woman, in my eyes it is no more acceptable than 'fat shaming'. It still promotes the outdated notion that a woman has to have a certain body type, before she can be accepted by a man… am I missing something? 

However, this video was prompted by Trainor's most recent comments, namely "I was anorexic for a good few hours" and possibly worse "I was not strong enough to have an eating disorder".

My main concern was not even that it projects the overwhelming ignorance surrounding Eating Disorders, in our society - as bad as it is. More than that, it is how people who are battling with this serious  illness may respond; 'strength' is the most toxic illusion of this disorder, and the thought that it could lead people to question recovery terrifies me. 

An eating disorder is never a sign of strength, but choosing to fight for a healthy and fulfilled life without it?  That is one of the strongest decisions you can ever make.


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