21 January 2015

Wednesday Wish List

  1.   Two-tone brogues 

More and more these days I am realising that my style sense may be morphing, ever so swiftly, into a certain pop princess'…

photo credit: pinterest.com

...what can I say? She likes satchels, brogues, and duffle coats. Fairytale fashion if there ever was. I already have a pair of heeled brogues, along with loyal paddington coat and my bargain Urban Outfitters Satchel. Recently, my hunt has switched to the "two tone oxfords", as beautifully exhibited above by Taylor and Kendall Jenner - I even have the dog to complete the look - I know it can be argued that "all puppies are beautiful", but I think Millie edges it in the cuteness stakes. 

First port of call: Office. Only to find that theirs are priced at £90. Moving on. Asos - nothing. Topshop, Urban - mada. Ebay… nothing that quite 'fit'. Then I found myself on lyst.com and stumbled upon the website ModCloth. It could be a new love. They do free international delivery, retro apparel, it could be Sophie in  a store. 

                           ModCloth, £26                                                                                Office, £30 
Then, as if the stars aligned, a couple of days ago I returned to Office and there they were; the shoes, exactly as I dreamt they would be… in the sale! You can't argue with these prices either. 

  2.    The 'portrait' dress  

One of my favourite blogs is The Londoner - Rosie has a smile and spirit that is infectious. Then there's Custard… I want to set him and Millie up; they would have the cutest puppies that ever existed. Fact. 

A couple of times she has done a post featuring these lovely vintage pattern dresses. The fact both dog and duffle feature on the left only make me love it more. So I decided to finally visit the online site in question, and found the middle dress… 

The Londoner                                             Sheinside, £13.39                                           The Londoner   

It's a love story, with a price to please the most frugal of hearts. The design is quite quirky, but that fits my 'times past' style quite nicely.

  3.   Floppy hat, floppy hat 

Having a serious Friends nostalgia trip now, but as per usual I am getting side-tracked… ever since Vanessa Hudgens stepped out in one, I have had a love for wide-brimmed felt hats. The fedora style is quite popular, but I quite like the really oversized look.

photo credit: pinterest.com
  My current stumbling blocks with this particular lust-item are a) the price tag. The Topshop one below is gorgeous, but at nearly £30 I have been doing some eBay hunting. An ASOS offering was my original favourite, totalling out at £45.

                                 River Island, £25                                                                                  Topshop, £28

I may just have to make an exception though - they are both so pretty! You can also be assured they are of god quality too, so can stand the test of time.

Then b) there is a confidence issue… I simply question whether I can walk onto campus wearing one, without feeling like a bit of a muppet! However, I think curiosity will triumph. I keep seeing them appear on my favourite blogs - namely WishWishWish,  Zoe London, Coco's Tea Party and What Olivia Did - the hat is clearly trying to tell me something! I would be rude not to listen.

4. Storybook Love

My more unique wish list item - this is love. oh Etsy, you never disappoint. I was recently intrigued after seeing a friend's "book bag, so decided to google the term on my most beloved online store. I found this…

The products in this store are creative, romantic and so unique; my birthday may be eight months away, but I think I've just found the dream present.

I'm not sure how strong my willpower is to keep this a "wish" list. I have a feeling some multi-coloured brogues, at the very least, may stumble upon my wardrobe in the imminent future, You can't hold back a love story. 

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