1 February 2015

Spare a Rose

I heard about the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign through Kerri Sparling's blog; the principle is to take the value of the 12th rose in the traditional Valentine dozen, and turn it into a donation for IDF's Life For A Child programme.

I am so fortunate to be in the position I am. I have had access to thousands of pounds worth of free medical care on the NHS, including my insulin pump. Yet so many across the globe do not have this; the life expectancy for a child with diabetes can be as little as one month.

It does not need to be this way. Spare a rose and help a child to blossom for a little longer. Don't let the thorns swallow them up prematurely.

In 2014, the campaign raised $27000. This year, it hopes to reach $50,000, thereby saving a further 700 children. You do not have to be part of the DOC to donate. Diabetes is not exclusive, or temporary - it penetrates everyday lives, 24 hours a day, but it can be managed to ensure the people affected still have that chance for life.

As Kerri finishes her post: "flowers die. Children shouldn't". Nor do they have to.


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