4 May 2015

April: Link Loves and Loathes

I have seen a few of my favourite bloggers do link love posts for a while, so today I decided to take the leap and do one myself! From General Election, to the return of GOT, there has been a lot of link loving recently.

However, at the risk of being Negative Nancy, there has also been a bit of link loathing. Since the start of the year I have written 3 complaint emails to Mail Online, and a few other strongly worded tweets. Maybe rejoicing is more becoming than ranting, but I think both have a time and a place.

We can't always be picture-perfect Marjories and Sansas. Sometimes a dose of Arya is needed too…

Link Loves


1. Things that turn sisters into best friends 

1, 7 and 11 are definitely my sister and I, in this buzzfeed link. Binge-watching Friends, H20: Just Add Water and Kartrashians will never get old. 

2. 26 Ways to Take your iced coffee up a notch

12, 13 (coffee ice cubes?!) and 23 sound pretty lovely, but not going to lie… I mainly loved this for the pictures of cute coffee cups! I am also quite in love with Douwe Egberts "enticing chocolate" instant coffee right now, with milk and ice it is the perfect pick-me-up.

3. 17 Onscreen Hairstyles you will want to steal now

12 - Who doesn't want to look like the Mother of Dragons? I will definitely be trying that one, along with Hermione's Yule Ball look. Sorry Vogue, although your April front cover would suggest you hold the same view too… 

photo credit: Vogue.com


4. Ballot Monkeys

Mock the Week meets Vicar of Dibley, is probably the best way I can describe this… if that doesn't entice you, I don't know what will! Scripted on the day, it follows the campaign buses of Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP - political satire as its best.

Bare With… Miranda's Stevie stars on the UKIP bus. Such fun!


Game of Thrones + Monopoly? Childhood love meets adult addiction. Ever wondered if Mereen measures up to Mayfair? I for one would pick Winterfell over Kings Landing any day, which would evidently be an economical choice too. SNP take note… 

I've included this link - and referenced from it - in a couple of the posts from my Dear Westminster series. However, looks now like Lianne "Mother of Dragons" Wood has tough competition from a certain Happy Warrior. I also think Kingmaker Nick might resemble a Queen these days. She is beyond the wall no more…

7. Moseband mock-ups

Some of the best photoshops of Miliband's "6 commandment" unveiling.

8. Features Weekly Quiz

Well let's just say I won't be meeting Paxman anytime soon… my "don't get it? Guess it" strategy can only go so far. How will you get on?

9. Mocha the Week

One of my favourite ever series' from Exeposé Online, Cat and Emily's satirical coffee shop reviews provide much needed comic relief.
"It gained its namesake from the character in Herman Melville’s Moby DickStarbuck. 

A man of the sea, there is such correlation between the heroic figure of the novel and the 
green mermaid that graced the Starbucks symbol."

Link Loathes

10. The Russell IS for turning

I hate hypocrisy. You expect U-turns from politicians, not the man calling for "revolution". You told people not to vote, then suddenly call on them to do so AFTER voting registration has closed… You're basically addressing all the people who DIDN'T listen to you the first time!

 I am also fiercely opposed to not voting. How you vote is entirely your choice, but turning up to that polling booth is a democratic right everyone should exercise. If you don't like anyone, you can actively express this opinion through a spoilt ballot. Only 65% of the population voted in 2010. 35% of UK voices were unheard. That many spoilt ballots could send such a powerful message. It isn't just the ticked boxes that count. 

11. Evan Davis vs Nigel Farage 

This isn't about political views. I could find many critical things to say about Mr Farage. This about the importance of objective media coverage, and Evan Davis went down hugely in my estimation after this. His distortion of quotes makes him no better than many politicians. 

I'll give Farage credit for one thing - he stood his ground. Jump to 19 minutes for his best comebacks, among them Davis' "throwing in the word 'hate' as an off-the-cuff comment". If you're going to interview all leaders, do it impartially. 



Happy linking - comment your personal favourite below! 



  1. Awesome blog post - you have put this together so well. Loving your pictures and the genuine, honest way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

    1. This was such a lovely message to read, thank-you!


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