30 May 2015

Friday Findings

I have decided to start using Fridays as a time for recollection. Whether that be serious news stories of the week, to more trivial eBay finds and music discoveries. I have a habit of making little mind notes as the week progresses, only to lose them all come the Weekend. 
Recently these mental bookmarks have become more virtual, which is a positive; however, when you're bookmarking 64 pages in just one week it doesn't exactly improve clarity. On that note, I thought I would use this post as a memory board of the week, in a quest to make my bookmarks page a little more comprehensible than the current state of the British weather… 


I love putting my iPod on shuffle. I never used to, but I found that listening to my favourite three songs on a continuous loop, ultimately led me to hate them. 

Songs are like Mean Girls, certain items of food that favourite jumper you wear every day in Winter; there is such a thing as overkill, which one day takes away the love altogether. For me, Sara Bareille's Gravity and *dare I say it* Let it Go have been two victims of this (needless to say I still feel unable to click the 'next' button when the latter song comes on; I can't quite let it go…) 

This week my shuffle spotlights are

Reverse by Gabrielle Aplin 
I adore the lyrics to this song, it's one that I am unable to ever hit the "next" button on.

"Send us back to the times before
we grew up and lost the novelty of
clear blue skies and climbing trees" 

Big Girls Cry by Sia
 As an avid viewer of Dance Moms (everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure… or three!) it feels a bit surreal watching Maddie in Sia's videos. Abby's protégée has made it big. I am #TeamChloe, but there's no denying Maddie is incredible. Sia's pretty good too…

Red by Lisbee Stainton 
I love the folksy feel to her music, and this song is one of the reasons I want to learn guitar. An English singer-songwriter who deserves more recognition!

What songs have you been listening to? 


The latest issue of Exeposé and my second issue as Features Editor. This week my co-editor and I made the move from two to three pages, which was slightly daunting, but I am so proud of the result. Ft. a controversial response to the "Beach Body Ready" campaign and a piece on Kylie Jenner and White Privilege. We also featured an essential dose of post-election reflection, in the form of a call for voting reform… 

Student Blogs 

Shock of the century, I mean beyond Exeposé. Huffington Post is the obvious one to go to, but right now I am really enjoying the Guardian and Telegraph student bloggers. 'Professional Revolutionaries' cost the left the election and Colour Me Political. Incidentally the latter piece was written by my co-editor for Features, who organised the "Picture Politics" campaign - looking at how the worlds of art and politics merge. It was such a brilliant idea and well worth reading into! 

Blogs and Articles

Why are SNP MPs strutting around Westminster like they own the place? Because they do - this piece in the Telegraph, by Dan Hodges, was sad but true…

Labour has to get over its Tony Blair problem - very wise words from Jonathan Freedland over at The Guardian. 

A reminder that your Instagram photos aren’t really yours: Someone else can sell them for $90,000 - a scary and sobering thought!

I have made a note of catching up on my favourite blogs, now exams are over. This week a rediscovered love was What Olivia Did - her style is impeccable and reading her blog never fails to put a smile on my face!

what reading links have you loved or loathed this week? 


I managed to catch up on the reruns of season 3 Dance Moms since I've been home - I swear Abby has only gotten more tyrannical as the show has progressed? I do love this show… never gets old! 

I am also a Game of Thrones addict - in line with my mum, dad and now sister. I'm pretty sure Millie loves it too, especially at the rare site of a diawolf. Even she jumps at times too.



What's going to happen? I keep asking the same question… where is Bran?! My theory is that he is going to come back on Danny's lost dragon Drago, especially as season 4 ended with that man saying "you won't walk again, but you will fly"…

Is Danny going to accept Jorah back? I am desperate for her too, I really don't like Dario and am convinced Danny and Jorah are destined to be together! I am very worried for Stanis' daughter; to be quite frank I think her mother would like to be shot of her.
As for Arya… everyone raved over her storyline, but I am lost!

What are your theories for the rest of series 5? 


I was going to bid for several items on eBay, but I have decided to peruse the high street first for some style inspiration and possible sale bargains! I already picked up one bargain this week with a Grazia 25% off River Island - it lasts until Monday so go and pick up a copy! The sales assistant was lovely and actually alerted me to the promotion, resulting in my putting the item "on hold" while I ran to Boots across the road to buy the magazine! I also got a gorgeous navy pleased skirt in UO just after my last exam, mostly paid for with a gift card = very happy Sophie all round.

I have made a mental note of the items I would currently love to find, so I go in a shop with my organised head on! This top on the left was a bit of an impulse buy, but I have wanted a new skirt for a while so exhibit b was more 'economical'. My list as of present is….

Something suede - I am thinking a skirt? Livy has me onto this trend. 
Something midi -  can be skirt or dress, whatever catches my eye first.
Something pastel - Topshop incidentally has a pastel mint suede skirt... 

If only it were a midi… with a nicer price tag!

What fashion trends are you following this Summer? Or have you created your own? 

Trends come and go, but you last a whole lot longer. I do enjoy some trends, but I also know that things I wear, watch, read and do won't appeal to everyone. It's not the individual items in the basket that make you, it's how they all come together! Cheesy metaphor of the day over, here's a round up of my questions for the day…

What songs have you been listening to? 

what reads have riled or rejuvenated you this week?

What are your theories for the rest of series 5 GOT? 

What is your fashion calling card this Summer?

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