24 May 2015

Sun Days

Recently, it seems Britain has developed a fondness for giving us a preview of the 4 seasons, in the space of 4 hours. That being said, occasional sun spells have come, and has definitely got me thinking all things summer: pretty dresses, iced lattes and new adventures… coffee ice cubes and culottes could be included in the latter, right?


Last summer was all about the midi skirt. This summer? Trousers and culottes! Due to my height, this might be a tad optimistic… but after seeing bloggers such as Late Afternoon and WeWoreWhat channel the culotte trend, I am currently in pursuit of a (petite) pair to call my own. 

The other day I had one of those moments where I decided I had "absolutely nothing" in terms of summer wardrobe. However, I looked back through last summer's wardrobe, and managed to inspire myself again! I would like to find a couple of nice new items, particularly as I do struggle with "treating" myself to things such as clothes. However, I cannot wait to get out my Topshop skirt (far right), last summer's staple! If anyone can direct me to other lovely midi skirts out there, I will love you forever. 


100 years of the bikini - I love the 1930s; swimming costumes are underrated!

23 delicious skewers to make this Summer The mango-glazed shrimp (9) & butternut squash-scallop
skewers (15) sound delicious. I am  intrigued by the balsamic-roasted brussels sprouts though - this coming
from someone who has successfully avoided them for 20 Christmases… 
When it comes to BBQs, my mum's speciality is tabbouleh. Simply add lemon/lemon oil and mint to bulgar
wheat and you are good to go! What are your favourite BBQ items? 

This village in Wales is basically one big library - I NEED to go here. The photos blow say it all…
I am quite keen on visiting more literary-inspired places in general; there is an irony that I am one of the few 
people who doesn't love Austen, yet lives in Bath… I find the JK affinity to Exeter far more exciting!

source: buzzfeed.com
source: buzzfeed.com


Hyclare Castle - Mum and I, as Downton Abbey fans, are desperate to visit the house where it is filmed.
Apparently the waiting list is ridiculously long though… Unless you're George Clooney. 

source: telegraph.co.uk

Dymock Walk - On my bucket list is a walk in the area where Robert Frost & Edward Thomas lived. 
They are two of my favourite poets, so the english student within me is unashamedly excited about this. 
The fact there is a route called "daffodil way" makes me know it's meant to be! That being said…

source: thetimes.co.uk
…you don't always have to search so far. With Bath Spa's Newton Loe Campus on my doorstep, we can always be ready for an adventure. 

Adventures also include the little things; namely continuing my quest to discover the best iced coffee.
After seeing it on a few instagram blogs, I have discovered a love for Douwe Egberts. 

I also discovered this glass in the back of our cupboard, which I confess makes me feel like I am drinking baileys so I find quite cool - I've do want to try baileys. Perhaps another for the bucket list?

I will keep you updated on my summer coffee ventures. At the moment, with the very muddled ecosystem, "to ice or not to ice" is still a very big debate. Reading this now, you could be wearing floral frocks or woolly socks. So I'll live you on a note of sunshine. I always try to look for those silver linings, as I so often say.

How will you place some sunshine into your summer days?


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  1. Got me in the mood for summer! #Love


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