29 June 2015

Giving means Receiving

Inspired by the lovely Elizabeth over at Rosalilium, here is my own Self-Care Sunday series for June!

Internal Care = External Care

I realise this statement is not without irony, given the certain lack of "selfness". However, if there is one invaluable lesson I've been reminded of lately, it is the importance of accepting care from others.

I am someone who struggles with this; nothing makes me happier than hunting for unique gifts and surprising others with nice gestures, whether it be a little book of riddles or a bunch of fresh flowers. Yet I often feel I am an exception and do not warrant the same.

Nonetheless, this is something that I recognise, in the long-run, isn't a healthy outlook, so I am actively trying to change it. The first Sunday of June saw the first evidence of this. As part of my mum and I's decision to do "different things" this summer, we went with my auntie to Harbourside Market in Bristol.

We stumbled upon the most wonderful selection of second-hand books - if I was to do the Harry Potter love potion "smell test", old book paper would definitely be vying for the top spot! I was quite enchanted, rifling through the pages with equal excitement at the bargain prices of the works on offer.


Being ever-indecisive me, at one point I did have quite an impressive stack of books that I proceeded to rifle down to the three below. However, rummaging through my purse I realised that I didn't have the correct change on me to buy them, and they didn't accept card.

I proceeded to go about replacing the books, but my auntie quickly interceded and insisted on buying them for me! My protests began, but eventually I conceded and am now the proud owner of the three books below… If you have never read Emily Dickinson, I urge you to go and do so!

Vintage books


The following Sunday, my default care-avoidance was put to the challenge again! I am currently doing a bit of room-renovation, so am on a quest for new "pretty things" - I say quest, it's been ongoing for a good four years now, ever since I discovered the shop Vinegar Hill in Bath.

My mum, dad and I made obligatory town-trip to Anthropolgie, where I browsed longingly at their gorgeous selection of all things bold and beautiful. My dad wasn't enamoured, to say the least, despite my childlike enthusiasm as I bounded over to the real-deal bookends (click and you'll see what I'm talking about!) On this particular sunday, one item just screamed "all things Sophie". A flower pot in the shape of a bookin the saleWow. 

A couple of days earlier, I found out I passed my 2nd year with one mark off a first, and a first in two exams. However, being me I was doing little to acknowledge the achievement... Mum was determined to set this right! She insisted that this would be the perfect well-done gift, especially with the poetry reference. 

It now stands on my windowsill and puts a smile on my face when I wake up in the morning. I do have an ever-growing love for flowers, especially in pastel colours. I love watching them blossom and having something to care for myself.  

Shop: Anthropologie Verse Vase

Putting the Self in Care 

As important as accepting the gestures of others is, you have to learn to accept it from yourself too. This particular quote I found on pinterest resonated with me:

photo credit: thecreativemomma.com
I really loved the metaphor, that idea of being your own cup - as a tea and coffee lover, nothing is better than that first sip when the cup is still full. Yet you can't rely on others to always fill your cup.

Looking back, I can see that in school I depended far too much on the endorsement of others, in shaping my own self-worth. Now, I try to recognise it for myself more, and that all starts with acts of self-care! After the success of my latest eBay auctions, and in the face of a very depleted makeup box, I decided to invest in some good quality makeup.

After much perusing and near-calamity at the Mac counter (I did mend their display before I scuttled away, tail between my legs…) Smashbox won. The colour is gorgeous and, despite slight palpitations when I saw the price, it will be a worthwhile investment. Topshop then eased the money-spending anxieties slightly with this £10 top, and The Khaleesi herself completes my June "educate myself on the magazine industry" plan… I bought a grand total of seven magazines, and have certainly learnt a lot! 

Topshop crochet high-neck top, £15                                           Smashbox eyeshadow trio, £22


Recently, self-care has also included taking a step from time pressures. I talked about this more in my last post - the pressure perspective - and have employed these strategies as recently as yesterday. After spending the last couple of weeks redesigning my blog, doubts and anxieties did rocket at times.

Each day that went by. without a new blog post going up, I became more and more panicked that I would lose potential readers. I was catastrophising hugely.  All last week I decided that Sunday would be the day i returned to blogging. Sunday came, sunday went, here I am writing on Monday. 

So signals my last little self-care Sunday act of June. Posting on Monday. Mondays can be the "Make-it-happen", but Sunday is self-care and that means doing more of this:

The Simple Things. Reading and puzzling... oh, and tea drinking.

countryside walks

Obviously (said in Severus Snape voice). There's always time for tea.


For more life lines to live by, follow my pinterest board!


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