10 June 2015

Sophie's Adventures in Tea Land

Alice has nothing on me, even if a tea party ft. talking animals is pretty high up on my list of "things that could never happen but a girl can still dream"…. 

I wish I had found one of those clay glasses to take back home, complete with lemongrass straw.

I developed a love for iced tea last summer, with iced lotus tea my Vietnam and Cambodia staple. It was the perfect refreshment after a day of temple touring or poolside sunbathing - with the speed of my reading to get through Gone Girl and The Silkworm, the latter was equally exhausting! 

I remember raving about it in one of my holiday posts, but since then my love for chilled tea leaves has only grown. Coffee lovers need not fear though, I still have my daily dose of iced latte goodness too! 

Today I'm going to share my iced tea method, with a little help from Alice's Roses and Granny's Garden… 

This particular morning my tea of choice was Granny's Garden, courtesy of the Tea House Emporium. It is one of those niche shops in town I simply love going into; you lift the  jar lids to smell the tea, which comes in an abundance of flavours. Definitely on my bucket list of 'things to do'  in Bath!  

My beautiful Tea Strainer is from Whittard 
Iced tea works just as well with tea bags, and I have had iced green tea often. I do like buying loose leaf tea now and again though, as the flavour choices are so much nicer! This particular one is a mixture of berries, including blackberry and elderberry. As a berry lover, I really struck gold. 

Once upon a time I never bought loose leaf tea, as it seemed such an effort to make, but I got over this silly excuse. Have yet to try Tralawny tea leaf reading though! 

Once the tea is in the strainer, fill the glass you are using with hot water, until it is about a quarter full.

Now onto the ice. This is the reason you shouldn't overfill the glass with hot water. Plenty of ice is needed to give it a refreshing taste! That being said, I may have gone slightly overboard...

When the ice hits the hot water, you should get all the water you need. The last step is optional, but I enjoy the hint of lemon and fizz! Top up with lemonade, and you're good to go.

Last but not least, a straw is needed. Don't judge - this was the only option available, but I think the Mad Hatter and Alice would approve…

On this particular day the weather was just gorgeous, so I went outside with a stack of magazines. This included my new favourite The Simple Things, which I will be doing a blog post on later this week!

I also recommend buying Glamour this month too - the perfect balance of feature and fashion pieces, plus it's half price and edited by Taylor Swift. What's not to love?

Adventures in Tea Land

Since I did my tea tutorial, I have to confess I have migrated away from Granny's berries, back to Alice's Roses. I was quite sceptical about Rose Tea, but Whittard have proved me wrong. If you are ever looking for a new tea to try, this one is fit for a princess and screams "Drink Me" every morning!

My next experiment is potentially putting real lemon in tea, or trying online recipes. Sophie Dahl's lavender iced tea is definitely top of the list. My mum is a huge Earl Grey fan, so I feel it could convert her to the iced tea life.

All I need now are these gorgeous Anthropologie umbrellas. With my Rose Tea, I'd basically be Mary Poppins in Wonderland... 

It's ironic that this most quintessential of British traditions originated for me in Asia, but I will never look back. For now though, it's definitely about time for an iced latte and Dance Moms… 


What is your summer drink of choice?

Have you ever tried iced tea?

What's the most adventurous tea you've tried?

What magazines have you read this month?



  1. I tried adding lemonade to my iced tea and it worked! Thanks for the idea I will be sharing it with my friends!

    I read Elle last week and it was a good issue. I usually buy Grazia too!

    Love your blog and always look forward to your posts.

    1. It has been a revelation and just today i think i converted my sister… possibly even dad! Ooh I need to buy Elle but keep being unable to find it - will keep hunting. Grazia is my usual go-to as well.

      Oh wow that means an awful lot to think people look forward to them, thank-you! x

  2. I have never tried iced tea before but as somebody who drinks a LOT of green tea I have definitely been inspired to try something a little bit different! (Do you make your iced lattes in the same way?!)

    Reading this post reminded me that I actually haven't bought myself a magazine in a while (which I need to change ASAP!) although I love Mollie Makes and The Simple Things.

    You have such a beautiful writing style and your blog is a pleasure to read!


    1. I've never liked normal iced tea, and now don't drink English breakfast tea at all! I started with green tea and have now branched out :)

      I might do a post on my lattes but I essentially do, yes - I make the coffee with hot water, my favourite being Starbucks instant sachets (going against my love of independents here but it's truly wonderful iced!) then add ice and milk :) I have one of those pretty much daily too!

      I need to try Mollie Makes as The Simple Things is my new obsession - have already subscribed.

      I will admit this post made me get a little lump in my throat as your words are so lovely and never would I think they applied to me and my blog - thank-YOU!


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