23 July 2015

When Sophie met Hattie

contrast oxfords

World meet Hattie. Two weeks since we first met, we're quite inseparable. When it comes to the Universe of Oxfords, they wouldn't look out of place in the Cobbled Cambridge courtyards - I fell in love with Jane's style in The Theory of Everything, and I think she would like Hattie too! My two-tone travels began in January, topping my New Year Wishlist, yet months of searching left me empty-footed. Until I stumbled upon these *Agnes & Norman shoes in the The Simple Things... 
The Simple Things
Confession time… I was so excited to see two-tone brogues in the advertisement, I failed to notice they were being modelled by… a man. On a wing and a prayer I visited the women's section of the site, only to see a pair of  two-tone brogues for females. It truly was like Christmas morning moment, when seven-year-old me was given her Nimbus 2000. What's more, who doesn't love a shoe with a name? Coincidentally, Hattie is the name of my closest friends; clearly it's meant to be.
Shoes: Agnes & Norman, £139       
Once open, I had her out quicker than an Oxford University gown. As with anything shiny and new, I was a bit nervous to wear them out! I had no need to be though; I've worn them almost daily for the past two weeks, and they're still as good as new - not to mention extremely comfy.

"Here comes the sun, little darling"
Blouse: Zara, £16                    Skirt: Asos£25

This outfit is my favourite shoe-look so far. I wore it last week the our village fete, and was taken aback when people came up to compliment it, singling out the shoes! Discovering just how many items they go with has been the berry on top (always berries over cherries). With this Asos skirt, and the zara blouse I wore in my Wearing Wimbledon post, they give the perfect vintage finish!

Satchel: Asos, £18
Now all that was left was for Hattie to meet Millie - I think they like each other. I have hidden the former away in my room, as Millie's way of showing affection to inanimate friends is to eat them. Slippers are the BFFs. Except "for life"might be stretching it; four weeks is more accurate.

Polka dot dress: Red Herring      Shop the Look: Mango & Asos         Bag: Pull&Bear

Although I cannot say anything against the New Look heel emporium, for brogues and boots invest in quality. They are a wardrobe staple and comfort is key. At the risk of sounding like I really do live in Wonderland, I am so very happy to have finally found the shoes I've been searching for. Have you ever had a 'style stars align' moment? 
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Lots of love,
Sophie & Hattie


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