13 July 2015

Wearing Wimbledon

Postcards: The Simple Things Magazine
Wimbledon is over for another year. *Sobs into teacup*. I am still a bit gutted for Murray's defeat in the semi-final, not going to lie, yet cheered on Federer today regardless. He's one of those sportsmen who it is hard to hold a grudge against, with the exception of the 2012 Wimbledon final… that took a lot of tea and strawberries to get over.

Federer does alway seems like such a gentleman though, right down to saving cows in Switzerland - apparently he receives them as gifts for winning Slams! I like to think of a little herd of them galloping (do cows gallop?) around near Swiss lakes. Okay I need to stop before I book my tickets to Zurich. 

Games aside, there are style sets and colour matches also celebrating The All England Club: the world of tennis fashion. Enter pleats, whites, collars and maybe a touch of crochet  - let's show some rhyming love for another British sport… and stay as far  away from Queen of Hearts style as possible.

Here is my outfit homage to Wimbledon, top tennis-style moments and high-street picks of the look.

  Peter Pan collar blouse: Zara
I used to think there were three ways to wear a blouse. Buttoned at the top. Buttoned at the bottom. Buttoned in the middle. Growing up I always adhered to option 2; occasionally 3, if I was feeling revolutionary. Turns out, I had no idea the meaning of that world... until last weekend. 

I fastened the top button, then the 2nd. Then I stopped. For some reason, I had tucked the blouse into my skirt pre-buttoning the top. Maybe I was simply too excited to channel my inner victorian schoolgirl -  with any peter-pan collar product, this is a risk you take. My motto: better to own it than bemoan it.   Nonetheless, I realised how nice it looked with mid-part unfastened. Slightly less Professor McGonagall, but still keeping it cute and classy.

Game, Set and Match: A top, a flip and a jump
Pleat skirt: Urban Outfitters                                     Magazine: The Simple Things 

So, voila! There is a fourth way to fasten a blouse! Now this was truly a revolution. Can you hear the buttons sing? Singing the song of Wimbledon… 100% a future Number 1. You heard it here first.

One thing that does drive me slightly crazy about blouses  is how they can easily tug out; you end up with a little 'air-baby' at the top of the skirt, but it is a less painful fashion price than five inch heels. Thankfully part of the tennis trend is flat shoes, from plimsoles to trainers and brogues. Okay, maybe I added brogues into the mix. Girl's gotta walk. Sometimes comfort over style is needed.

   Eyeliner and Mascara: L'Oreal            Eyeshadow: Smashbox            Bow hair-tie: H&M                        

Aside from the style of clothing itself, colour is a Wimbledon key. The all-white dress-code for players, now more infamous than ever thanks to Federer, is something I admire the organisers for. Colour easily distracts, and some of the outfits I've seen at other tournaments make Minions look greyscale. 

The general order of the Wimbleday, when it comes to the crowd, is blue and white - any coincidence that this replicates the scottish flag? If you do want to make a British statement with your colour palette, adding a red hair ribbon (Matilda style) or cross-body bag would work; nonetheless, surely strawberry mania alone covers it nicely? my view is that, as long as you're drinking tea and eating berries, you're practically the Dowager Countess. 

Blogging UnfilteredUnscripted snaps = the strongest smiles

Tea + berries = happy Sophie

The Wimbledon Game

Trendsetters and Style Matches

                          Photo Credit: Mail Online                                          What Olivia Did                        Coco's Tea Party

My favourite fashion theme from Wimbledon has to be the all-white-everything dress code. Growing up I was always cautioned against wearing white. Perhaps the ice-creamed top of 8 year-old me (photo evidence) was an attempt to rectify this situation, for I gravitate towards white like Wednesday to pink.

Rosamond Pike and her white collar dress was one of my favourite fashion moments of Wimbledon 2015. I love the frill detail at the top, plus the white plimsoles. Flat shoes are another tennis trend to celebrate; I tell myself that, due to my hobbit size, I should wear heels, but gravity seems to have smaller plans for me

The dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge is, admittedly, from the 2014 tournament… I loved it so much then, I have to love it again. No apologies. The eyelet fabric style is also the same as my Zara top, and a bit of a new obsession. Crochet is history, now that eye have let another win over my heart

Olivia and Ella (What Olivia Did and Coco's Tea Party) are two of my favourite fashion blogsgers, so it is no surprise that their recent LWDs have flown onto my bucket list! Ella's look was even titled Wimbledon-Worthy Tennis Whites. Wimbledon worthy, world worthy, wonderland worthy... this dress has it all!

Swish and Sip                                                         Mug: Anthropologie, £10

Centre Court style doesn't have to stay in SW19. It works any time, day or night, sun or shower or snow - it's the perfect camouflage! Nonetheless, one year I will be at SW19, Centre Court final, watching, wearing and worshipping Wimbledon. 

I would add "winning" to that alliterative list, but let's be realistic. On a brighter note, maybe I'll win best conformity to The All England Club dress code. All things white and beautiful


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