18 July 2015

Away with words

The wish list with a magical twist… After reading Olivia's indie brands that have my heart post last month, I have recommenced my love affair with Etsy. I am no stranger to this yet, after my trek through of 2nd year deadlines, this expedition has been a long-time coming. To paraphrase Cady Heren, Etsy is like the Wonderland I never had. You fall down that virtual rabbit hole, and anything is possible…

Wonder in Alice Land UK: Framed quotes£19.99 
I am a firm believer that Etsy love makes the world a more wonderful place, from possibiliteas to iPod docks made out of trees. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you… iPod docks made out of treesYet it was the bookie within me that first fell for Etsy's charms, so this list has a suitably novel feel; it might even rival my 2014 festive haul - I'm talking Always necklaces and custom quote coasters. The real deal.

Christmas in July seems to be trending a bit, so this could be the gift guide you need. Or you could simply jump down the Etsy expedition with no signpost in sight. Backpack essentials = laptop, teacup and a debit card far away. I'm serious on this final one: when browsing, keep it far far away.

* Smelling the roses (red) *

Frostbeard: Bibliophile Soy Candles, £10.49

Given that 2015 is Alice's 150th Anniversary, I've taken the diplomatic view that no Wonderland wordplay is too much. You have been warned. Now, I've never been a huge lover of candles; not only am I more of a flower person, but matches and I are about as comfortable as Neville and potions class. Until I found Frostbeard. The name alone is a winner, but the product is something else… who could resist roaming the Shire, the aroma of butterbeer (sans Florida flight fare), or that old book smell while reading your kindle? Enter the literary candle.

From "oak moss with a hint cherry pipe tobacco", to "butterscotch overtones and butter rum", you house can be a live-in storybook. I have to say though, the bookshop candle might top them all:  "driftwood and espresso", hmm… How do I possibly choose between coffee or Harry? This is what I meant by keeping that debit card hidden! In their about page, owners Roxie and Tom describe their product as "nerdy things that need to exist". In my book, the first word isn't even needed. These candles are simply things that need to exist! 

* Re-kindling the Klevercase love *

Klevercase is not a new discovery for me; I am already the proud owner of a To Kill a Mockingbird kindle cover, which has won many admirers. I revisited the shop this week, as I'm considering one for a friend's birthday, and saw cases for Apple products too! It is now truly the apple of my eye. 
1. iPhone case, £19.95                                 2. Kindle case, £24.95  

* Come fly with tea *

1. Thermos Flask, £14.99   2. Pass Holder, £17   3. Wallet, £22.40   4. Makeup Bag, £20.80   5. Travel Wallet, £27.20  

I discovered this "in a nutshell range", by Disaster Designs, through the wonderful Lisa Angel Homeware. Think my beloved Sugar Loaf in virtual form! Two of my greatest life loves are linguistic trips and tea. So when I saw this "cup of tea" mug my heart may have leapt like a white rabbit. What can I say? Some girls love couture, others love clouds with silver linings.

* Clutching at stories *

Michelle Williams                                  Lily James                                 Kim Kardashian
Credit: Mail Online
Thanks to celebrity endorsement of the gorgeous Olympia Le-Tan book bags (one day…), story-inspired clutches have wandered far beyond fandom territory. Of all the red-carpet-ready designs I saw, Lily's was definitely my favourite! Personally, Bound 2 never exactly screamed Love Story homage, but each to their own.

Sadly, the Le-Tan clutches are in the Chanel purse price range, so I have hunted high and low for some worthy alternatives… although I think "alternative" does a bit of a disservice to my top two finds! Like Klevercase, PSBesitos isn't a new brand to me, but I simply couldn't miss them out of this post. It is currently on my 21st Wishlist, but now I have seen them again I'm not sure I can wait that long… 

PSBesitos: Book Clutch, £42.80

Another product by Disaster Designs (see earlier "in a nutshell" items). Combing simplicity and style, this Storybook design will never go out of style. Speaking of, it definitely has Ms Swift written all over!

Disaster Designs: Book Club Clutch,  £42

What would Blair Waldorf do? *

Forget, "you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce", from bows to resting bitch faces it's all about Blair. The mug on the left says it all, but I equally fell in love with these other products from The Trendy Sparrow range. Rory Gilmore is the Hermione of the Muggle world, and she loves coffee. She's up there with Ms Waldorf in fictional dream teams. 

1. Blair Waldorf Mug, £11.17           2. Gilmore tumbler, £13.14    3. Coffee & Fashion Mug, £11.17

* Oh my Mason love *

My love for a mason jar is no secret. It's a tough call, but of all the items this might just scream "Sophie" the most. The stag on the back of each jar alone might just do that. Always

I do love these jars. The size means they can hold a tonne of ice, along with ample *insert amazing drink of choice*, plus the aesthetic appeal can't be overlooked. Despite my dad's frequent "why are you drinking from a jam jar?" line, this combines prettiness and practicality down to a tee. 

DarkWoodJarCompany: Engraved Mason Jar, £14 

* * *

Happy wandering with words! The world might be the high street, but Wonderland is Etsy. Just be sure to keep track of time; it's easy for it to run away with you, and I wouldn't want to make you late.

On that note, I might have an important date with Etsy pocket-watches now…

VFJewellery: Wonderland Teapot Pocket Watch, £10

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