19 August 2015

Notting Hill

As much as I loved the market, other areas of Portobello also captured my heart. Buried throughout Notting Hill are the most wonderful little boutique shops, not to mention former houses of literary legends….
And there I was thinking bloomsbury was the place to be. I can definitely see Notting Hill providing some wonderful story inspiration - besides films starring Hugh Grant, that is. 
Now that the book lover in me was happy as Lary, it was time to find the shops… As far as alternative fashion  labels go, London is a treasure trove - turns out Notting Hill has oozets and what sits galore - go to the end of the post to shop my favourites! 

Yumi was the first port of call and purchase of our trip - besides Pret because, well, Pret is love. Now here is a prime example window display wonder. I fell head over heels…


Come autumn, I will be back for this hedgehog jumper! They also had one with a retro telephone on the front, but parisian style + cute animals = living fairytale. The overall decor of the shop was also on point. A hat light? How have I not thought of this before?!
If Orwell and hedgehogs weren't enough, Tolkien quotes and foxy purses stepped in to hit the brief.

Downstairs you entered the world of Sass & Belle, aka one of my favourite decor labels on this earth - if you've seen my instagram you will already be familiar with the cushion on the right...

Well I now have a second Sasss & Belle quote cushion to my name! When I see a quote I can't help myself. Some call it obsession. I call it happiness.


I LOVE this brand! I've seen it on ASOS a few times, and have always been very taken by the elegant cuts and pastel colour palette of their clothes. If you are loving the 70s throwback, or simply like beautiful dresses, it's worth paying a visit. When I saw the store signposted, I convinced mum to do a little detour and we were both glad we did. 

For one thing, it was like stepping into an art gallery. The spider-style light gives the hat bulb in Yumi a run for its money. I loved a lot of the clothes, but my eye was most drawn to the shirt below… 
… but they didn't have it in my size! I was gutted. An online search by the lovely sales assistant revealed that neither ASOS, nor the Sister Jane site itself, had this top left in size small. I keep checking on ebay and live in hope. I've found some alternatives, but on this one I don't know if I am willing to compromise! 


The Saturday we were in Notting Hill was seriously hot! The poor cupcakes outside Hummngbird Bakery were melting before our eyes, and even stepping near the crepe vans made you feel like you were in a sauna! Then we saw this sign. Fro Yo. Aka one of America's best exports! This definitely helped me cool down/ recover from my Sister Jane heartbreak, plus the window seat was great for people watching! 

Mum, bless her, is trying her best with blogging life - she moved her pot next to mine, along with the plant, for snap time. She just forgot to wait before tucking in… to be fair, I was struggling to wait too!

* * * 
From market strolls to literary finds, my Notting Hill experience was one I will definitely be repeating! If anyone is planning a London trip, definitely put it on your bucket list. You won't regret it.

What are you favourite markets in London?

What are your favourite Froyo toppings? 

Have you ever visited Sass & Belle or Sister Jane? 


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