15 August 2015

Portobello Market

Street where the riches of ages are stowed…

Ever since I compulsively watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a child, way back when video existed, Portobello Market has been up there on the bucket list. to paraphrase Angela Lansbury in her other iconic role, it's a dream as old as time… well finally, 15 years on, it came true!

As you can see, I'm resumable chuffed about this. Now all that was needed was to commence the hunt for antique bedknobs and brooms I can pretend to fly on… Okay, I really will try to contain myself with film references in this post. Starting… now. It shouldn't be too hard; the photos speak for themselves!


My obsession with floppy hats is no secret, so I was devastated when the one I finally ordered from ASOS was too small - yup, apparently I have a large head. You learn something new everyday. This was the first thing we saw entering the market, and my mum was almost as excited as I was! The end of this post shall reveal my hat of choice...

The one slightly sad reality check to my storybook afternoon was the bookstall of all places - the stall owner was so rude to customers, I was adamant I wasn't giving him a single penny. Funnily enough a similar thing happened to me at the YSL counter the other week… earn your money where you mouth is. 

The dog card was a winner though - this is Millie in a picture! My comment to mum "let's buy it and we can just rip of the baby" was met with a slightly concerned glance by the male seller;' however, in my defence, the man did say "the baby's leg is lightly broken". Poor baby.

Despite my slight obsession with teasets, I walked away from my market experience having purchased  not a single teaset. If that isn't willpower I don't know what is? These market boxes from Alice's, however, couldn't be overlooked. This shop is near the entrance to the market;  if you go to Portobello it is a must!

In the centre of the Portobello was the indoor market, which required teacup restraint the most! Nonetheless, if money was no object and trains had endless storage, the two items below would not have escaped operation make-Sophie's-room-a-lifesize-treasure-trove-of-wonderfulness

Book boxes are another love I have charted on this blog, but as lovely as they are I didn't let the moment carry me away - I was on a Portobello hype, but on some things Etsy will always do it better!


I finally got my floppy hat and it made me so very happy! I've also been on the hunt for a makeup box but have been beyond fussy in settling on what I want. I do become anxious buying things, in case something better comes along, but when I saw these boxes I knew it was love.

I am aware my DIY skills on the jam jar box leave something to be desired - recycled Whittard tea label and wrapping drawer ribbon scream more shabby than chic - but I love it and that's what matters!

* * *

Tomorrow I'll share more of Portobello, but for now I will bask in happy market memories. If Ariel thought she'd found gadgets and gismos, she'd clearly never visited Portobello! Nonetheless, like Ariel I did leave wanting more… I wanted to buy a bedknob and dance down the street singing my heart out. I also wanted to meet Angela Lansbury and a talking Lion. I am still left in dreamland on this one.

I did say I would try to avoid film references. I didn't make any promises. Portobello was still pretty magical though. Come back tomorrow for some non-market rambles! 


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