5 August 2015

Box, Set and Watch

Following on from Reading in my Memory Box, I'm back with some TV series nostalgia. From moon pools and pet pigeons, to Da Vinci Bibles and Oh. My God. here's proof that the pre-netflix road isn't all rocky…

If you never watched it growing up, this is my response… 
The same of course goes if you never read or and watched Harry Potter (a trillion times over). I was slightly obsessed with this show and was devastated when Disney Channel stopped playing it. Luckily YouTube still has my back, but it's never quite the same. 

* reasons to love this show *
  • 90s time capsule. Just look at the hairstyles - giving the Rachel a run for its money! Remember the time when you had more clips than Claire's Accessories? Those were the days. 
  • We all need a Carrie. When I lived in Newcastle my sister and I had a young nanny called Julie. We really got into Two of a Kind when we moved to Bath, and I think this was a bit wistful on our part. Carrie is fun, smart, ditzy and carefree - someone you want to be friends with! 
  • It's a Love Story - the straight-laced male isn't anything new in a TV show, but the Kevin and Carrie love story was genuine and and viewing gold. No shame in saying I cried at the end! 

This was also Mary-Kate and Ashley before they descended under the rug of social media and fashion - literally, under a rug. Am I the only one who thinks it's ironic they had more style before they became fashion designers? Two of a Kind was Ashley on 90s fashion form, before the tent apparel descended. Hello flatforms, velvet and floral headbands… I have found my fashion twin.

Reasons to hate this show: it ended. On a cliffhanger. How could they do this to me!? Some google surfing revealed that Carrie-Kevin fan-fiction is actually a thing. Hold the judgement; I haven't read it.  I'm not that obsessed.


Ricky, Emma and Cleo. The Ariels of Nickelodeon, although without the kleptomania and lobster sidekick.

                                            photo credit: wikia.com                                                            Wonderlist: Lost Cove Apparel 

* reasons to love this show *
  • Moon pools: Not only did this make you wish you lived down under the sea, it brought a whole new dimension to family holidays - when mum would show us pictures of possible hotels, a waterfall/cove was always a selling point. Given that my early-years breaststroke style was more deep sea diving than streamlined, I had the mermaid life down to a tee.
  • Sassy Aussies: Ricky was probably my favourite, as she had a bit more too her and wasn't such a "girlie girl". Not gonna lie, Cleo annoyed the hell out of me - somehow she made an australian accent irritating, which I thought was impossible. 
  • Lewis: He may look more like Frozen's Kristoff than Eric, but he has the heart of Olaf and the loyalty of Anna… except when he dated Charlotte. This made my sister resent her name for a solid year. 
Reasons to hate this show: Years of loyal viewing made me realise my Aussie attempts definitely should stay (down) under wraps. I sound like a Texan living in Dublin. 


"onwards ever striving onwards, proudly on our brooms we fly" (take note Neville).

photo credit: mailonline.co.uk

* reasons to love this show *
  • From Hallow to Hawking: You learn something knew everyday, and this was a winner… Felicity Jones - aka Theory of Everything star and unofficial style genius - played Ethel Hallow! Mind. Blown. This is like when I found out Elle Fanning was in Daddy Day Care. We'll find out Daniel Radcliffe was in Lord of the Rings at this rate… 
  • Books Love: This was one of my go-to book series growing up, as mentioned in my previous Memory Box post. As my Harry Potter addiction evidences, there's something about magic school that makes gives life a little more sparkle and shine.
  • Maud Moonshine: I wanted to be her. Don't ask why! From Halloween costumes to pigtail hairstyles, I was always there to applaud Maud. I don't think I'll be rushing to make my daughter her namesake on that one though. Luna and Arya have first dibs on this one.  
  • Special Effects: they're so bad they're good, a bit like the first Twilight movie… 
Reasons to hate this show: Jones left after series 1 *sobs* along with a resting bitch face to rival K-Stew. 


I was hesitant to include this one, but there's a reason for it. Long before I became the Friends devotee I am today - aka professional quoter - I had watched 8 Friends episodes quite religiously. We owned 2 videos (remember those old bricks?of series seven, so it's bizarre to think how I responded to it back then. 

photo credit: cbs.com
I vividly remember watching the episodes with the dead barcelounger (I had no clue what a barcelounger was so thought Rosita was an actual person) and Clunkers the thanksgiving dog. How cute is that dog? I originally thought its name was "conkers" which on its own delighted seven-year-old me. Maybe 7was a bit young to watch Friends… then again I did watch Jurassic Park when I was 3!


Jim. Owen. Frank. David. Hugo. Gereldine. Alice. Oh happy days
photo credit: goldtv.co.uk

* reasons to love this show *

  • Real Comedy: Everything episode of this show is TV Gold. It is real, spontaneous, water-out-your-nose laughter, which you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere in 2015. When did TV stop being funny? With the exception of Modern Family, I rarely laugh at anything on TV bar Mock the Week or the odd Alan Carr: Chatty Man episode. 
  • Alice Tinker: It's hard to name a favourite character, but Alice is priceless. I was apprehensive for the final ever episode, simply because I wondered how they could possibly surpass their own standard, but Alice's Da Vinci Code bit (go to 5:15) is genius: "When I first asked my mother who my father was, why did she say 'God knows'?" 
  • Village Vibes: Who would have thought a programme about a village, a vicar and a group of OAPS would become one of the best-loved sitcoms of all time? It's as far removed from MIC and GOT as you can get. Yet it did, and it is a series I will never stop loving. 
Reasons to hate this show: no no no no no no no no no more reunion episodes. Please. Let it be! 
* * * 

What happened to TV? There are now more channels than ever, yet I turn it on now and nothing. Thank god Bake-Off is back, or I might go stir crazy! As much as I love Friends and Dance Moms, some things can only be your lobster for so long. 

What were your favourite programmes as a child? 


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