3 September 2015

Autumn Awakening

Last weekend, I had a bit of a problematic realisation. In a couple of days time summer would be over. Thanks to some impulsive eBay selling over the holidays, the lifespan of my wardrobe would reach an end too. 

I am terrible for spending my money, spending the government's money and having money spent on me. Unless I'm on eBay, then I can get very trigger happy with the bid button. Nonetheless, my mum put her foot down and said she was not sending me back to University in the same two jumpers. 

So off we went to Cabot Circus, returning with a very  anxious Sophie but a far more contented wardrobe. It also gave me a little preview of the AW offerings on the High Street, and I liked what I saw!

So here is my little Autumn edit, ft. some clothes I did buy, but a few others that caught me eye and might be revisited…
1Lace stripe tunicTopshop, £28    2. '70s longline blazer, Topshop, £65    3. Zig zag shift dressMiss Selfridge, £39
4. Short sleeve dressZara, £39.99   5. Drape playsuitTopshop, £50    6. Hybrid long sleeve shirt, Topshop, £42
7. Grey sleeveless jacketMiss Selfridge, £39   8. Lace dress, Zara, £25.99   9. Sleeveless tailored jacket, Topshop, £45 

I have been loving the '70s trend. The looser fits, the patterns, the suede. Oh the suede. I've just realised with horror that my selection features none of this, but I have covered it quite extensively before - we're all good! 

I have had a few people ask where the dress from my Matilda Musical post was from, so that has been dutifully included! It also goes perfectly with my new camel blazer, but then everything goes amazingly with my new camel blazer. It's literally the animal that changes colour to suit any environment. The world's first chameleon coat

I am really into earth colours right now. I always have been, but now my wardrobe is essentially like stepping into narnia a wood. Think turning leaves - camel, rust and wine - and forest greens.

When it comes to specific style, I would say I'm 99.9% 25% /Blair Waldorf (hello satchels and bows), 25% vintage/boho (cue floral headbands, two-tone brogues and a whole lotta '70s). I'd like to think there's a bit of Parisian chic in there - bonjour to muted colours, smart tailoring and shirts - but I won't get too carried away with myself.

My main focus in my selection was on smart dressing for young adults; you don't have to look like you're wearing your mum's work wardrobe! When I started university, I told myself I needed jeans, jumpers, body con dresses… and more jeans, often with holes in - apparently knees get hot in autumn. 

Sadly for student media, I hate jeans. Skirts? I will flip and skater away. Dresses and playsuits? I would happily love in them. I do admit that, when I was in my mid-teens, I dressed old before my time, but now I've come full circle. My style may be a bit preppy and quirky, but it suits me. I'm also caring less what people think, starting with floppy hats. I've wanted one for years; now I own two and sing "floppy hat, floppy hat" to myself and pretend I'm Pheobe Buffay/Taylor Swift. 

Speaking of the ever-stylish Ms Swift, she was the inspiration for my sister's 21st birthday gift to me... a Cambridge Satchel! Which just so happens to coordinate with Mr floppy and the Chameleon Coat quite wonderfully… 
1. 13" Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company, £120     2. Felt floppy hat, ASOS, £20

I'm not sure the hat model life is for me, as determined as I am to use it for every season and weather possible. Note to self and anyone reading - it is not an umbrella substitute. Unless you leave your umbrella in a shop you can't remember.

I think I should probably leave it to the ASOS models, so on that note…

Vila shirt dress, £35    Pinafore maxi dress, £40    A-line suede dress, £80     Suncoo Celia dress, £75    Suede A-line skirt, £55    

I got my suede in there eventually! I haven't included a photo of the gorgeous scallop-hem skirt I got from ASOS, although it is in my Florence case so will no doubt be up here soon enough!

Credit is also due to Megan and Isabella for my ASOS Wonderlist, definitely recommend following these two girls for all the best style updates!

As I said at the beginning, I am terrible for buying things without feeling horrendous guilt afterwards, but I am viewing these as investments. That is the beauty of a wardrobe built on staple pieces! Camel coats, to quote my satchel twin, will never go out of style. 


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