11 September 2015

InstaLove Story

Just like Starbucks Lovers, this is what Taylor really meant. I haven't done a blog loving post in a while, which is a mystery to me! When I find a new blog, it's the same excitement as a vintage bookshop bargain. When it comes to Instagram, you may as well have taken me to the Louvre, Met and Uffizi put together.

*I had to throw in this last gallery as an homage to my Italian trip (posts coming soon!), although a good flat-lay might give even Florence a run for her money. 

There's just something about a bouquet of pink peonies or a brunch flatlay that makes me smile. Like Billy Elliot, I can't really explain it, but it it's quite wonderful all the same. So on that note…

* * * 

ROSIE LONDONER: I had to put this girl first; she is the reason I discovered the world of the 'lifestyle blog', and it started off with her instagram. Not only am I convinced that Mr Custard is a long-lost relative of my own Miss Millie Bobbles, but I love how she her feed is so versatile.

One day you can be sipping coffee by the sea, the next Capital cruising with Custard. Throw in a quote here and a Queen snap there, you've got it all. Rosie still remains my favourite instagram account. 


Capturing everyday simplicity in all its beauty.  

CIDER WITH ROSIE: There must be something about the name Rosie, although I am sure by any other name their photos would still be as sweet. Like her main blog, Rosie's instagram is a haven of little life loves. This is an account to make you smile, trust me! 

MIMMI RONNING: Coffee, The Simple Things magazine, flowers and dogs… what's not to love? Her landscape shots give me photographer's envy! 

"Today I drank a coffee, ate a prawn, bought myself a pretty record, had a glass of wine, ate hob nobs, choked on tea, wore a scarf home. Pretty good day"

BEING LITTLE: Switch record for book and hob nob for macaroons, you have yourself life goals. This girl's captions make this a follow essential, but the photography is also pretty on point too! So many people overlook the captions, but I love them. A new discovery for me, this is the blog equivalent of a cosy blanket in Autumn! 

DAYDREAMS OF SUMMERTIME: If there is a blogger who knows how to take a good photo, it's this girl. I adore her blog in its entirety, yet before I even read a word I had clicked 'follow' on bloglovin' - the visual element won me over. A picture may say a thousand words, but stunning is the first that springs to mind. Summertime aside, Sarah's feed will have you dreaming in all four seasons! 

LITTLE MISS KATY UK: A* lesson in the flatlay and 'from where I stand', this girl is a ray of sunshine. Her account has such a strong personality and she always takes the time to reply to people. Follow her Instagram, Twitter, Blog - anything! You won't regret it.


All things bright and bookable. Turn the page to find out more…
     MEL IN WONDERLAND: This girl has the prettiest feed, filled with gorgeous flatlays ft. books, coffee and the cutest dog. This is a wonderland I could happily fall into!  

HALCYON DAYS OF SUMMER: I just want to step inside this instagram feed! I love seeing books period; seeing them in Florence is the Dome on top of the Cathedral! Understated but stunning. A new find but a new favourite. 


 Custard has his own account. Need I say more? Millie and I currently share on a 50-50 arrangement.

* * *

The success of Instagram for blog traffic may be questionable, but I adore it as a platform on its own; there's a reason I chose to put my Instagram feed right at the top of this blog! Many people have IG accounts as a stand-alone blog and it is so diverse. 

Writers use it, photographers own it and little lost lambs like me worship the filters. Arden all the way. It has definitely improved my photo-taking skills though; I can now fit whole buildings into a frame… 

As per usual I began this post as a contestant for the 100 metres, only to end up running the marathon. Yet somehow I don't think my Mo-odds will be higher than Ussain, so I will wrap things up now.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?

Do you use Instagram as a stand-alone blog? 

Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest? 


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