26 September 2015

From Uffizi to Gilli

But first, let me take a family selfie - Dad was surprisingly cooperative. Now that back-to-uni chaos is finally settling down, I am back on blog! I apologise for my absence, but this coming week is all about Finding Florence - vi prometto molta belleza. Well, as much beauty as an iPhone camera can captures... 


I developed two obsessions this holiday. Ceilings and panoramas of ceilings. There was a bit of a Pano competition going on between the Harrison family; I like to think I improved as time went on! I simply love galleries that are like art in themselves, and the Uffizi fits this brief perfectly. Dare I say I appreciated the building more than the actual art?

We played "guess the story" here - I just wanted someone to address the escaped rhino! (top right) 
The painting everyone wants to see is Botticelli's The Birth of Venus - it's the Mona Lisa of the Uffizi. Nonetheless, like dear old Mona expectation exceeds the end result. I do like both Da Vinci and Botticelli, but compared to other paintings beside them both lack depth - for me anyway! My personal favourite was…
 Only joking. Although, by this point, my feet were so tired that "red bed"came close to the top… As for the statues, I just wanted Prof. McGonagall/ Quasimodo to come along and bring them to life. Nonetheless, my actual favourite came at the close:
By 17th Century Dutch painter Gerard van Honthorst, I adored how the lighting fell onto the faces. The simplicity of the scene and depth of facial expressions - especially on the old man - were stunning.

 For an artist nicknamed "Gerard of the night" - based on his skill with artificially lit scenes - it seemed quite ironic that the painting wasn't given a greater spotlight; it was buried away in a dimly lit room at the end. 

Gallery aside, the terrace was also pretty picture-perfect… 
Skirt: Asos, £22     Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company     Top: Zara, £17.99
The photo in the left was taken from our hotel: a perspective of how central we were! 
The outside terrace/cafe of the Uffizi is right next to the Palazzo Vecchio; it is worth a stop even if you don't want any refreshments! This is unlikely though - even their diet coke cans were suitably artsy.  
 Forget rooms - this is a gallery with  with a view. The Ponte Vecchio bridge no less!


Prior warning - this isn't the last you will hear of Gilli! Nearly every Harrison holiday features a go-to place and this trip it was Gilli. Not going to lie, part of the appeal was that it shared the name of a Game of Thrones character, but I also happened to see the teapots when walking past...
Need I say more? They clearly knew I was coming, complete with a sorbet and a blogger flatlay.
Seeing Mary, Burt, Michael and Jane on the carousel would have completed the scene, but I wasn't complaining. From the Uffizi to tea at Gilli, our Saturday was was practically perfect in every way. Now onto the important questions… 

Have you ever been to Florence?

Do you prefer paintings or sculptures?

Are 'great' works of art overrated? 


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