15 September 2015

Things to Pack

As I head into my final (aaah!) year of University, I'm definitely more up-to-speed with what I actually need to bring. With hindsight, you realise that the 99th jumper probably isn't needed, but bulk stores of cereal might be a practical idea!

So in the first of my pack, sack and don't bring back series, let's begin with optimism…  


  • WRAPPING PAPER: Random? Yes. Practical? Absolutely yes. One of the staples of any University room is the noticeboard, yet little bugs me more than said-noticboard being a horrific colour - did they not think ahead about my colour scheme? Yet I don't like to cover the entire thing with photos, as it can look a bit busy. Enter pretty floral wrapping paper. 
  • PRACTICAL HOME COMFORTS: note the first word here! Enough cushions to kit out a show room are nice, but they have to go somewhere. Same goes for oozets and whatsists - focus more on the gadgets and gismos; contraptions that serve a purpose! My lovely book boxes, for example, are used to store jewellery and all that important-but-scary-independent-living-stuff. Same goes for tins - pack if they can fit a snack or 10. If they can't fit so much as a ring, bin! 

  •  PRACTICAL HOME STORAGE: Cereal boxes take up room and kitchens are tragically small. However, one thing nearly all University rooms will have is under-bed storage. Here is what you do: buy canisters, fill them with cereal, then store the remaining boxes under your bed. It stops your cupboard from becoming cluttered, plus they look rather pretty.

If your cereal box has Frozen on it, obviously that is an exception. 
  • BULK BUYING: Things are cheaper in bulk, and this is the further beauty of underbed storage - buy at the start! That 72-pack of Wheetabix is no longer looking so impractical, and having these extra supplies can also reduce the risk of a pre-lecture co-op dash, especially when it's 8am. Thanks Exeter. One thing I buy a lot of is nuts, which aren't the cheapest of foods. Luckily, Holland and Barrett currently have a buy one get one half price on all products (seriously!)  
  • THE BOXSET: Choose your favourite - just one is good. Remember, you don't want to be a hermit. I personally like having a Friends series with me, because I'm old school, although Game of Thrones has made it in there once or twice. The good thing about Friends is that 99.9% of the population has watched it, so it can be an ice-breaker!
  • THE FEEL-GOOD BOOK: I feel no shame in admitting that, every term, I pack a 'comfort book' for those rainy days where I want to throw the Critical Theory brick against a wall. In the past, this book has been Harry Potter (forgive the cliche), Perks of being a Wallflower and I always pack my copies of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost poetry. This term I'm continuing my Matilda love with a copy of Dahl's classic. I have also packed some Dahl's Chickens, the BFG will be pleased to know. My bookshelf has Great Expectations.
  • MOTIVATION STATION:  On this, you can't really go overboard. I'm talking, postcards with motivational quotes on them, because I'm soppy and sentimental like that. The brand East of India sells the cutest porcelain quote decorations; following my 21st birthday, I now own 4. This is not excessive at all. It's an essential. 
  • SUMMER PYJAMAS: You will have heard the stories about University being the-land-of-always-winter, but when you're in student accommodation it can be boiling. I'm someone who feels the cold, and I sleep on top of the duvet in my flat! It does make for a very comfy mattress. So pack summer pyjamas - little shorts and vest tops.

What are your University packing essentials?

Are you a Fresher or a Finalist?


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