2 October 2015

A Dome with a View

You don't have to be spiritual to feel quite entranced by the beauty of Florence's churches. They alone would be an incentive to return, while the 12,600 uses of #DuomoDiFirenze on Instagram seem to agree. It certainly had room for a lot of viewing… 


SEE THE DOME. Rome can keep its colosseum, Florence has its beauties aplenty. 
I will be honest - the exterior of the cathedral created great expectations. Coupled with the disney-long queue to get inside, we were expecting wonders. In short, we were ever so slightly underwhelmed. 
Not that this stopped me snapping away of course - I did it all for you guys. However, the Rotunda in front of the cathedral is another story… 


Santa Croce church was the true star for me. Inside and out, I was Disney's Joy from start to finish. 
Lighting wasn't going to win any Oscars, but the art department were certainly in strong contention! As for best film and actor, I think I found the set for Tom Hanks next Da Vinci code...
My dad then informed me that I need to read Brown's new Novel, Inferno. Sadly with two books a week for a Literature degree, Professor Langdon might have to wait. 
My sister could look stylish in a bin bag, complete with Ray Bans I coveted for three days straight!
Skirt: Asos, £22     Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company     Top: Zara, £17.99

Have you visited any beautiful churches?

How do Florence and Rome compare?

Have you read any Dan Brown novels? 


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