7 October 2015

Birthday with Boboli

I've kept my 21st birthday gift from my parents under wraps... until this post! It's safe to say it was one of the most shocked/excited/overjoyed reactions of my life.

 Yes… I have no idea how either! All I know is that, somehow, I am now the delighted owner of a signed copy of To Kill a Mockingbird - one of my all time favourite novels.

This began my birthday with a definite spring in my step, which was good considering our itinerary of the day! We first took a trip across the bridge… 
It's like being back in Bath, although Pulteney Bridge may have found competition in its predecessor the Ponte Vecchio. Once across, we went inside the Boboli gardens - the name alone intrigued me, as I sang "biboli Boboli boo" to myself. With side thoughts of Bilbo Baggins, I somehow married Disney and Tolkien in my head - don't ask. 
I won't lie, the first part of our walk around the "gardens" was a tad underwhelming. Simply put, I pictured flowers and got rubble. A lot of rubble. Yet travel a bit further on, you discover the attraction...
Now there's a view! Possibly the most beautiful of all in postcard Florence.
Dress: Hollister, £25     Sleeveless blazer: Miss Selfridge, £32
I felt a dress was fitting for my birthday, but knew a full-on frock may not be the most practical! This Hollister dress was the perfect compromise - it is just so versatile. I have worn it to Balls at Uni, yet could be perfectly toned down with some slip on sand shoes and a blazer.

Sleeveless blazers are a new obsession of mine, and another trusty item for all occasions. In the late summer I wore it with dresses and can take it into Autumn with jumpers or blouses. Economic purchases are almost as exciting as eBay buys. I do love a good bargain! 

Last stop of the day before dinner was proper gelato. I got "frozen forest fruits" and it was very good indeed, although I have a secret confession… I preferred my London Snog froyo! Still, when in Italia, visit la gelateria.
Oh, and Gili's. I did warn you my favourite cafe would make a regular appearance - there's always time for tea! Especially when it's your birthday and it comes in a silver teapot. How could I not?
I really do love Florence. If only for the existence of cars like these… 

Do you prefer gardens or buildings? 

Do you have any go-to casual dresses?

Have you ever visited Pulteney Bridge?  


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