29 October 2015

Jumpsuit for Joy

I may stand proud at 5ft 3, but yet when it comes to clothes the hobbit life can fall shot. I can't count the number of times I have gazed longingly at the most beautiful of maxi dresses, or despaired at the knee hemline of a "mini" skirt - this seems to be the case for most European brands.

Possibly the item that has intrigued me most, however, is the jumpsuit. I thought it was impossible; that I would look like a five-year-old, a clown or a farmer. Then a miracle happened. I impulsively ordered a jumpsuit on ASOS last month  (comforted by the prospect of free returns). It was an instant love story.

Thanks to fashion's current celebration of decades gone by, the wonderful world of Petites and a sprinkle of YOLO, I am definitely jump-suiting for joy. Not only is it a socially acceptable way to wear a onesie in public (if toddlers can do it, why can't we?), but the possibilities are endless. In line with my Autumn Awakening post, be prepared for another time machine trip. The 70s and 90s are about to hit…


1. JumpsuitMango, £40    JumperTopshop, £25
2. Jumpsuit, Topshop, £40      SweaterHollister, £15     BroguesAgnes & Norman, £139
3. PinaforeMango, £34.99     JumperJack Wills, £59.50      BroguesOffice, £100
4. DungareesASOS, £39     Jumper, Zara, £29

What can I say? They both have jump in the name, which makes them the perfect anecdote to the  chilly Fall. I love pairing any jumpersuit combo with brogues. Invest in a good pair and they will be the comfiest/most dependable shoes you ever own. My beloved Hatties are still going strong, not to mention they look impossibly wonderful with every item in my wardrobe. Including jumpsuits.

Like my green friend Shrek, I love a good layer and jumpers top the list here, especially when they hail back to the fabulous decade of my birth. I have always been uncertain about roll necks polo necks turtle necks (which one is it?!). I had the same fear as my friend Yasmin, who recently wrote a brilliant post on Fall fashion. This style does risk channeling a five-year-old/librarian vibe, not to mention the 'short person taboo'. Along with horizontal stripes and - well - jumpsuits, polo necks are a usually no-go. So it seems I scored a hatrick with my outfit below...
Petite jumpsuitNew Look, £20      Roll neck sweaterHollister, £15       13" SatchelCambridge Satchel Company, £120

I like it, which is all that matters! My first jumpsuit was courtesy of New Look/ASOS, and I swear this is a onesie by another name! Thanks to Petites, the fear of having to walk around in stilts stilettos was alleviated. Once again, my Cambridge Satchel is the perfect colour match - it was clearly meant to be! When in doubt, buy  burgundy. This Hollister sweater was an absolute steal at £15 and so comfy. 

Hollister has really won me over in the past couple of years; not only am I convinced they've upped the lighting and toned down the smell (my senses can breathe again!) but their knitwear is on point. 


1JumpsuitWarehouse, £30      Victoriana blouseTopshop, £28     
2JumpsuitTopshop, £40    Knit shirt, Urban Outfitters, £36     LoafersOffice, £65
3Pinafore dressOlive Clothing, £49     Woodland blouseMiss Selfridge, £30     Penny loafersDune, £52
4JumpsuitMango, £39.99    BlouseWarehouse, £42

Who says you need to wrap up the florals and chiffon for A/W? Some of the jumpsuits are recycled from jumpersuit land - evidence that you can combine them with so many things. Simply swapping a jumper for a shirt can completely change the final outfit. I usually pair any shirt/jumpsuit outfit with loafers, making no apologies for the slightly preppy finish! My current favourites are the Dune loafers in 3. I basically live in my Hattie brogues, but don't want to wear them out, so I invested in these. 

I am the first to hunt for a fashion bargain - my default line on a shopping trip is "I could get this for £10 on eBay - but everyday shoes really are worth the investment. I'm not talking Jimmy Choo (which rumour has it are actually rather uncomfortable... ) but all my shoes from Office and Dune have worn so well, especially loafers/brogues. New Look still answers my heeling prayers.
JumpsuitBoohoo, £20     Blouse, Zara, £25     13" SatchelCambridge Satchel Company, £120

I have had so many people ask where this jumpsuit is from, and I think they expect me to say something like Zara or Warehouse! It could easily pass for a far more expensive item, yet I found it on Boohoo through their eBay store. Having only purchased my inaugural jumpsuit a fortnight previously, I was hesitant - then I saw the price and was swayed! 

I love the open back detail, which I've been trying to find in a playsuit for ages. This makes it perfect for blouses, but also bigger jumpers as there's most layering room. Once again, the satchel goes perfectly; I have a definite colour palette in my wardrobe now! My trusty Zara blouse is out again in fall force; several months on it, it has proven itself a style staple for all seasons. 


1Dungarees, Boohoo, £25     Falcon Wing topSister Jane, £29    ShoesNew Look, £20
2. JumpsuitTopshop, £40    Crop Shell topMiss Selfridge, £10    LoafersAldo, £40
3. JumpsuitTopshop, £40     Bow collar bibRiver Island, £12      LoafersAldo, £40 
4JumpsuitTopshop, £36      Metallic yarn topTopshop, £38       Lace heelsDune, £29

I should get shares in this Topshop jumpsuit, or go out and buy it myself! Here is another beauty of the jumpsuit - reverse layering. Who says the top/jumper/blouse has to go under the item? Pop a jumper over some dungarees and, voila, you've created a pair of trousers. This Topshop jumpsuit is virtually a new item, depending on how you style it. Same goes for turning a pinafore dress into a brand-new skirt. 

One of my favourite discoveries of this post was the bow collar bib - how cute is it? I love the all-monochrome look (hello Chanel) especially paired with a dark lipstick. I recently treated myself to the MAC 'double shot' - the coffee connotations in the name may have factored into my decision, but it is the perfect shade for A/W. Finally invest in some boot heels, or patent pumps with a pop of colour, and you're good to go! Not only can they instantly dress up an outfit, but they are much comfier than normal heels.
If you've never bought a jumpsuit before, I recommend ASOS as a first port of call. Not only does the promise of free returns offer peace of mind, but they have such a wide range you will be spoilt for choice! So if you also want to jumpsuit for joy, you an browse more styling inspiration below…

Do you own a jumpsuit?

Are you a fan of the 90s revival? 


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