19 November 2015

Fall InstaLove

After sharing some of my favourite Instagram accounts in September, I felt it was about time to bring you some more... The date destination for these InstaLove affairs? Autumn! It's the season of my birth and the advent of falling leaves, duffle coats, cinnamon spice... Autumn is pretty much a gift in itself. I've compiled a list inspired by a few of my favourite things - so books, leaves, tea, leaves clothes... I'll leave the end to you. For now, lets's start connecting

 If you have yet to discover the world of IGReads, Bookstagram, BooksandTea (a personal favourite) then, to put on my best Mrs Weasley voice.... "where have you been?!" If the answer is "browsing the #fblogger and #foodporn tags/stalking Kendall Jenner's account", try turning a new leaf today with these opening pages... 

Crime of Rhyme is "comfort reading", with blankets, books and tea falling into picture-perfect place.

Layla K shares her favourite reads on a white background with a cosy twist - nothing says autumn comforts quite like reading in bed. The frequency of Harry Potter also gets a lot of brownie points.

 Books and teacups uses the #selfcare hashtag, which is already a winner in my eyes. The feed is beautiful but also refreshingly real, detailing everyday life under and behind the filter. Book quote captions are often included, as are delicious looking bowls of porridge and soup - fall necessities! 


Tea cosy and woodland ready, these accounts scream "Autumn in a nutshell". Their words are also as inspiring as the photos they caption - just visit the first account to see...

Susanne Waglen has such a refreshing outlook on life, valuing the smaller things that so often pass unnoticed. Her photos and words capture this wonderfully, plus her clothes the epitome of Autumn!

Lauren Louise her captions are possibly my favourite on Instagram: "I want to fall in love with ideas, stories, places, cultures and people." A recent find but a firm favourite!

Annya Karina's feed is filled with bunnies, beautiful illustrations, woodland wanderings and the occasional cake. What's not to love? While the IG world falls in love with "white backgrounds"and minimalism, accounts like hers are also so refreshing. Plus, you will fall in love with Olive the rabbit. 

A selection box of bloggers to brighten up any feed. `Their snaps never go out of style and their captions always make me smile. Their wardrobes also top my 'dream home' wish-list...


Kim Loves Cloth was definitely in mind when I wrote the part about style lust... days after she posted about the Toyshop woodland dress it found its way into my wardrobe! Her feed is an eclectic mix of filters and themes but it comes together pretty as a picture. Her blog is also rather wonderful.

Olivia By Nature has the best eye for vintage style and an equally brilliant eye for photography. She is also one of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure of speaking to online.

Alexandra Spence is another vintage insider, who also loves taking photos by trees and has the cutest bichon frise - Millie is half bichon, so it basically feels like we're related. Alexandra is also my middle name. I may have found my IG soul-sister! Or, at least, Millie has... Toronto road-trip? 

* * *

Ah, Autumn (Dumbledore voice). It is ultimately a magic beyond all we capture. Nonetheless, these accounts do come pretty close! It truly is an InstaLove story... except that this balcony has autumn air/Romeo would be better off throwing conkers. Gosh I really need to stop with the Taylor references. I also need to start sharing the IG love more, because it has to be my favourite social media platform. 

What are your favourite Fall feeds?

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