16 November 2015

Swift and Sure Pt.1

Following on from my "Cara's Closet" post, I thought I would turn it into a little series. Not only are there are some seriously stylish starlets out there, especially for street style, but the designer price tag can be a leave you a little blue. This is where ShopStyle and a lot of ASOS browsing step in!

Against tough competition, I think my top celebrity style crush  has to be Taylor Swift. Satchels, headbands, brogues, preppy skirts... need I say more? It's a ready-made love story. Here's a style guide that never goes out of style. Okay I promise I'll stop for now... 


1. Ribbed jumper,  Topshop£14    2. Mustard Scallop SkirtASOS, £22    3. Blue barrel bagAccessorize, £35 
4. Yellow Essie pumps, Moda in Pelle, £35    5. Check A-Line  skirtTopshop, £32    6. Blue Scallop Skirt, ASOS, £16
I am a skirt girl all the way. Jeans are as popular in my wardrobe as Maleficent at a Christening - unless she's played by Angelina Jolie. It seems Taylor is on the same page. Ever since I bought tartan dungarees from Urban Outfitters several years ago, it has been one of my most searched for trends on the high street/eBay. I haven't quite developed the confidence for knee-high socks, but Taylor (as ever) makes it work. 

The yellow shoes are also a winner - who wouldn't want to channel Minnie Mouse? To complete the love story, baby Olivia Benson makes an appearance (feline fashion featured later in post...) I wish I could tote Millie around like this - she is still unable to go on a lead without straining to chase a squirrel! 

Now onto colours. I adore the blue and yellow combo in pictures 3/4. They're not often paired together but they should be! I'm currently on the search for a blue bag and am particularly taken by this Accessorize one. They also have a seriously cute blue satchel that has Taylor written all over it. I cannot recommend these scallop skirts from ASOS enough. I already own the pastel blue one, but the quality for price is amazing - there's also a wealth of colours to choose from. Oops, I might have resold them to myself... 

I wore this skirt nearly every day of my Florence holiday - some things never go out of style. 

1. Intarsia Sweater,  Hollister£19    2. Marsha Intarsia jumper, Joules, £70    3. Hedgehog print jumperYumi, £45
4. Fox SatchelAccessorize, £25    5. Cat cross body bagASOS, £35   
I told you animal appeared would be making an appearence. My relationship with animal clothing goes back to early childhood, when the "magic blue fairy" brought me a plus Chip backpack in DisneyLand - this was, essentially, a chipmunk soft toy with room for one pen. I also had giant Pluto slippers and still spend October waiting for Next to release their christmas nightwear... 

... on that note, Back to Taylor. She may have whipped out the jeans (aaah), but her jumpers scream "style in a sweater". Joules lead the way on this trend with their Marsha sweater range - I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas last year. You cannot beat dogs in festive onesies.... unless, perhaps, you're a beret-wearing Hedgehog. I spotted this Yumi sweater in London over the summer, and only resisted on the promise that I would invest come Autumn... I have 14 days. Yikes. Sadly, the adorable toddler is not included,; however, I don't think cuteness factor will ever be an issue with this trend. 

Now onto the bags - because Taylor loves a bag and I do too. In case you hadn't noticed.  I personally wouldn't go for the Cat face because, well, I'm a dog-lover and find cats a bit creepy (unless they're an Animagus or Mog). However, ever since I saw the fox bag on Jayne's blog last month, I was instantly on the hunt! Hers is from George, but Accessorize also have one in my favourite satchel-style.

1. Mustard cropped cardigan,  Urban Outfitters£39    2. SunglassesASOS, £70    3. Button playsuitTopshop, £25
4. SatchelASOS, £25    5. Camel Joni jeans, Topshop, £35    6. On the Cards brogues, ASOS, £28 

Yes, I did include a link to jeans. What has come over me? Nonetheless, I do feel satchels, cardigans and brogues bring it nicely back to planet Sophie. Yellow is a bit of a controversial colour when it comes to clothes. Some people (okay, a lot of people) really hate it! Others can like it on someone else, but wouldn't so much as purchase a mustard bobble hat.

Taylor and I are in the third camp of yellow appreciation; it's the colour of happiness after all. Sunshine, daffodils, making lemonade from lemons... you can't go wrong. I have definitely fallen for the Urban Outfitters cardigan - I just love the cropped style too. In Autumn it would go perfectly with red, as Taylor wonderfully demonstrates, but also earthy greens/ browns. Some say school teacher? I say style gold. 

1. Yellow crochet scarfHayley & Co£20    2. Yellow duffle coatASOS, £150    3. Pattern coat, Topshop, £79
4. Burgundy duffle coatDorothy Perkins, £47.20    5. Vintage Hattie broguesAgnes & Norman, £139    
You can't have Autumn without coats. It would be like having Christmas without Miracle on 34th Street... Or Not On The High Street! I couldn't write a post on Taylor's quirky style, without the help one my this amazing store. I just want to wrap myself up in this crochet scarf and I am certain Ms Swift would approve. 

Her duffle coat face on the left says it all: The haters may hate on Paddington Bear style, but Taylor knows it's timeless. I recently got my duffle coat out of the wardrobe and I may as well be sewn into it. I invested in one a couple of years ago and it is still as good as new. 

Last but by no means least - two-tone brogues. I've been trying to make two-tone brogues 'happen' for months. Maybe I need to accept defeat, but still live in hope the world will agree! I know Taylor does. The only downside of my beloved Agnes & Norman brogues is that no other shoe can now compare. Brogues and boots are definitely items to invest in for quality! 
Part two will be with you in very due course - in a shockingly new turn of events, I have already written it. I don't know what's come over disorganised me, but I'm not complaining! Until then, I'll leave you with Swift's own sound advice...


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