1 November 2015

The Art of Autumn

Last sunday I went on the most wonderful walk with my Mum and Millie. Few things rival the beauty of the countryside in Autumn, where the leaves are just turning and the weather has that perfect crispness. Since we discovered Newton Park campus right on our doorstep, Octobers have never been more beautiful; like Anne of Green Gables, I have a lot of appreciation for this month! 

For any Bath/Bristol residents, the Lakeside walk by Newton St Loe is a hidden gem. I've been a bit disappointed with the lingering abundance of greenery - Dear Nature, it's October. I need the auburn colour palette! However, I definitely found my turning leaves last weekend. 
I had a bit of fun with IG layouts, because one Millie simply isn't enough. I confess the second photo captures her in a slightly compromised position, but sometimes Nature calls...
Two months on from purchase, I still get asked about my Topshop coat almost every time I wear it! It might be the best purchase I've made this year, with the possible exception of the jumpsuit...

My favourite galleries cannot be contained by walls. The admission is free and the scenery beyond value. Sometimes a season can hold the richest paint palette. As the falling leaves turn, so do the heads that were once buried beneath the rush-hour. Some things cannot stay unnoticed. Nature does not need to be exhibited. When left to grow on her own, the smallest things can rival any masterpiece. Out here, the world is allowed to simply be.

Not only do I have an Autumn haven right on my doorstep, but I am lucky to call one of the Country's greenest Campuses my second home. The world truly is a beautiful place, and I've noticed this more through blogging. Hannah Gale's recent post on The Benefits of Instagram couldn't be more true. 

The 'lure of likeability' is an epidemic for bloggers. MAC, Pumpkin Spice Latte cups and Autumn's own leaves could be the unofficial sponsors of Instagram! However, by photographing we are also stopping to truly see them. I want to go out and see the world more than ever. 

Magazines are no longer purchased for inane gossip, but qualities such as aesthetic value. The flowers in my room may look pretty for a moment-in-time photo, but they will make my 'real-life' brighter for days to come. For every 1000 words a picture says, countless stories accompany and follow. So keep your camera phone to hand and your eyes on the world ahead. It will keep surprising you. 
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