24 December 2015

Seasonal Small Things

For me, the festive season is all about the small things. Despite its reputation for all things merry and bright, I do think it's very easy to become overwhelmed and allow perfectionism to take over. 

I can definitely empathise with this. I only had to read Sophie's post on Blogging the Perfect Christmas, to find myself nodding at the screen more times than I can count! I haven't talked about my health on my blog in quite a long time. In truth, I am struggling a lot right now and this has left me feeling a little lost amidst the yuletide joy. 

It is in these moments, however that I have tried turning to some some simpler things - coincidentally including my favourite magazine, The Simple ThingsIn this round up, you may not find Ciate nail polishes or Winter Wonderland rambles, but with some home crafts and cuddly Cavachons I have found reasons to smile this December.

I've fallen a little in love with calligraphy this month, inspired by both the wonderful quote prints on Etsy, and some gorgeous calligraphy accounts on instagram. 

It's definitely a work in progress, but I find it really cathartic and I've been able to produce 24 quotes so far - one for each day of advent! It shows that you don't need to spend a small fortune on a calender to celebrate the festive season, and makes for rather beautiful bunting.  

My next plan is to send them with thank-you letters, or simply to people who deserve a little pick-me-up. Either way, I hope they can bring smiles for the the New Year. 

I had a wonderful surprise through the letterbox last week from The Cambridge Satchel Company - I couldn't quite believe it. I have made no secret of my love for my own Cambridge Satchel and now Millie can join the CSC family too with her Snoopy collar! It even matches her Christmas onesie, so was clearly meant to be. 

The picture they also sent is, quite simply,  one of most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and has taken pride of place on my windowsill - I feel Etsy/Not on the Highstreet would definitely approve! 

This photo came at a particularly fitting time; it has filled me with motivation for a healthier 2016, filled with dog walks and sunshine smiles. I am so very grateful to CSC; from brightening my Autumn with satchel happiness, they have truly spread the woofmas cheer. 

The Highstreet is never more beautiful than at Christmas, and my love for "pretty things" shops never more fitting! They are the Etsy equivalent for the High Street, with Vinegar Hill and French Grey putting on particularly glorious displays this year! 

I couldn't resist getting a snowman... santa in the latter shop. Yes, I somehow refrained from investing in another snowman - I realised that my existing two - Olaf and Jon Snowman - might be enough! 

Here he is! We also picked up some 'the boardroom' tights, so I thought it was only fitting to name the Santa 'Sir Alan'. You can see him hanging happily from the window beam in my calligraphy photos above. 

I have also brought the festive tights back out, while mum treated me to a copy of The Simple Things and some festive pyjamas from Hollister. Ft. my beloved polar bears, you really can't go wrong.
My room is looking rather cosy, so I wanted to keep my christmas parcels equally rustic. With the help of Paperchase wrapping, string and calligraphy pun clues, I'm pretty happy with the end result! 

These tags have add a little extra magic to my gifts; however, like the Quotemas calendar, they didn't require a small fortune. It sounds cliche, but it is the thought that counts. Personal thought, that little bit extra time - ideally accompanied by a black pen that works! 

Once again, the labels are also not perfect. Perfectionism did get in the way at times, but I realised that this defeated the object of doing it! The letters may not be uniform and the pen may have run out, but that's okay. This holiday isn't about embellishment or making things picture-perfect. It's about living the moment you capture -  sharing the day with people you love.


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