9 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tea

My love for tea couldn't be confined to a single section of my Countdown Less Ordinary, so I'm back! For what would a British Christmas be, without tea lords a-leaping? Read on to discover a world under the MistleTea, ft. teapot bird feeders, 'drink me' baubles, doggy tea and puns a-prancing... 

1. Tea baublePostTea, £15    2&3. Christmas cake tea, £6,  Gingerbread chai tea baubleBluebird Tea Co. £7   
4. Trio of tea baubles gift bag
Twinings, £16    5. Winter spice baubleTwinings, £16
*     *
Tea rhymes with tree, so it's meant to be. Loose-leafed or wrapped up, tea simply cannot stay hidden away in a parcel. So why not take the obvious leap and discover the wonderful world of the tea bauble? I say obvious - I didn't know they existed until last week. Mere days later, I'm singing their praises from the rooftop. 

Still not convinced? Prince Twining has endorsed it - I rest my case. The flavours are also magical: Christmas Cake, Gingerbread Chai, Winter Spice... you'd be forgiven for thinking they're good enough to eat, but this is strictly for the teapot. Until that special moment, they are a sparkly addition to your tree. 

1. 12 Teas AdventWhittard, £20    2. Tea bauble, Fortnum & Mason, £12.50    3. Xmas Kilner Tea, Whittard, £10 
. The 12 Teas, Harrods, £13    5. Tea blending kit, Bluebird Tea Co. £28    6. Flowering tea, The Exotic Teapot, £28
*                  *
Don't let Boxing day box up festive joy! I already spotlighted tea in my Advent Less Ordinary post last month, but this is the next level. I felt a little embarrassed when twitter informed me that 'twelve days of christmas' actually means between christmas and new year

Once I recovered from shock, I stumbled upon "twelve teas of advent". With the help of Messrs Harrods and Whittard - brightest stars under the MistleTea - the Christmas magic doesn't have to end! 

I also had a peruse of the more luxury festive offerings, which inevitably included Fortnum and Mason. This bauble is more expensive than the earlier ones; however, we have to remember that this is the store where the Queen takes tea. Who are we to disagree? 

The tea blending kit was a very exciting discovery - it's the 'drink me' answer to an eyeshadow palette, aka your own fairy godmother! Pick your flavour of the day and make the Yuletea gay.  

1. Tree bagsSilver Lantern Tea, £8    2. 'Drink me' tea boxApply Me, £20    3. Teacup bird feederThe Orchard, £12  
. Teapot bird feeder, The Orchard, £14.50    5. Wizard of Oz tea kit, Harrods, £35 
*         *      *
Teacups and Tales - they go together like Dobby and Socks. So it seemed only fitting to dedicate a whole section to this beautiful, magic love affair. Where do I even start? Julie Andrews may have sung "let's start at the very beginning," but I am sure even she would make an exception for number six on this list... 

This literally IS a book! Ft. themed cookies, Wizard of Oz quotes and peppermint tea - I will give you a moment to pause in utter wonderment, as I did when i spotted it on Harrods. The best part is that it will last well after Christmas, for the book doubles as a storage box. 

I've been a longtime lover of book boxes, featuring them on a Wishlist or three... My only regret is that the Alice in Wonderland version isn't available in the UK. Then again, international shipping has never come in the way of my love affair with Etsy... 

On that curioser and curiouser note, this 'drink me' range from Apply Me is just a little bit Wonderful. As for the bird feeders... it is sitting in my Not on the Highstreet Basket, waiting for a worthy Christmas home. As my sister is terrified of birds, I'm thinking mum would be the better option... 

1. Woodland china cupsThe Alphabet Gift Shop, £16    2. Christmas character mugs, Sugar Loaf, £4.99    3. Owl MugLakeland Home, £8    4. Mooreland animal mugsAnthropologie, £13    
*        *
Everyone needs a hug in a mug for the festive season; what better excuse than Christmas to expand your crockery collection? Justification aside, you simply can't keep a snowman on a shelf... It would be like leaving Wheezy.

I found these christmas character mugs online, so was amazed to discover they were from none other than Sugar Loaf, aka my favourite independent shops in Bath! 

Admittedly, Anthropologie provides tough competition with their fawn mug; no Christmas is complete without Mr Tumnus, and how amazing are the little gingerbread houses on top? As Miss Honey sings in Matilda the Musical, it is rather perfect for tea... Gosh, I'm all about musical nostalgia today! 

1. Vintage Tea and BooksBookishly, £39    2. 3 months of tea,  Silver Lantern Tea, £36    3. Doggy TeaWoof & Brew, £27        *
Just can't get enough? Enter the Teascription! For a present less ordinary, sign up a loved-one (human or canine) to a monthly offering of tea treats. Once again, I have to start at the end - if only for the sheer novelty of this product. 

Doggy tea?! I said that books and brew were my two greatest loves, but nothing compares to my barking mad Millie Moo. So it's no surprise that my canine companion may be joining my tea party this Christmas. What's more, this doggy tea promises brighter coats, better breath and 'odour free' pee. Who needs humans for a teatox? 

Yet of course there is still always time for books! I am particularly in love with this Bookishly subscription. A vintage book, selected from your preferred genre, complete with tea and stationary? All you need now is a crochet-you-own-throw kit - or a boxing day sales trip to India Jane  - and suddenly all your Christmases are bright

For tea alone, in all its glory, Silver Lantern tops the list on the affordable-luxury front. From Assan to Ceylon, you can travel the world in the comfort of your teacup. 

If you're also a coffee lover, or would prefer a shorter term commitment, the Whittard tea and coffee club is your port of call. You can do it monthly, or as a one-off, and quality is a given; I've made no secret of my love for Whittard on here and Instagram. 

The tea club is one for my post-student life bucket list, although I would advocate rebranding to "tea party" - if only in tribute their Alice in Wonderland tea-set.

Do you have a favourite christmas tea? 

Have you ever heard of (or tried) 'doggy tea'? 

Sunday evening solution: Mulled wine or Mint tea? 


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