8 June 2016

Denim Days

I have a bit of a love affair with denim. I think it could be the first time I've ever been "on  trend", if the High Street and Alexa Chung are anything to go by. I therefore couldn't resist  making a denim-themed Wednesday Wonder List (my Wish List with a magical twist). So pop on the kettle, hide your credit card and get ready to embrace your inner farm girl - she's in there, trust me.

Pinafore Parade 

Let's pretend we're doing this in chronological order, for nothing screams "return to childhood" quite like a pinafore. I expressed my love for them in my last post, but you can never have too much of a good thing - they're the peanut butter of the fashion world. Thankfully, the High Street seems to agree with me; you'll have no trouble pinning down one or four down this season.

Dungaree Dream

With Taylor Swift to Emma Watson, they cover English Roses and American Sweethearts alike. Could we need a bigger endorsement? I have been searching for a good pair of dungarees for a while now, always being slightly deterred by my hobbit height. Thankfully, Topshop answered my call - I didn't even have to shop in the Petites section! Now I just have to build up the courage to wear them...

Flowers & Frills 

When you throw in some of my favourite summer trends, the wonders of denim only increase.  trends, . Enter florals and frills. Ever since I spied these floral Mom jeans in Toyshop, I have been scouring the internet for more flower power pieces. One thing led to another, and I discovered the art of florals. I adore the cutesy combination of denim and ruffles a la Alexa Chung, so the ASOS items below are definitely top of my summer Wonder List.

Footloose & Free 

>justify>Denim isn't limited to clothes. After buying my Toms, I would pledge my heart and sole for denim footwear. I can't vouch enough for Toms; I have had my current pair for barely two weeks, yet am already planning another purchase  From dog walks to town trips, they are a truly faithful companion. 

Onto holiday planning... how gorgeous are the ASOS sandals below? Paired with a pinafore, they would also complete my five-year-old fancy-dress dream. I can just picture them with a beautiful 60s style dress, or even a casual jumpsuit. Basically, they have versatile written all over them, which is all the justification my shopping basket needs... 

What are your thoughts on Denim? 

Left to right: Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Sophie Turner and Alexa Chung


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