20 June 2016

Elle of the Ball

When I look back on my childhood viewing, Dakota Fanning was a big presence, from  Uptown Girls and Charlotte's Web, to a rather wonderful Friends episode - "I'll put you on with my bear"Until very recently, I also thought she was in Daddy Day Care; I spotted the film on some far-flung channel last week and couldn't resist catching the last fifteen minutes. It was only when the credits rolled, however, that I discovered it was her younger sister

Then, of course, she grew up and added "Disney Princess" to the list. I loved her in  Maleficent, but where she really shone was behind the scenes (unwritten fact: extended features are the best part of any DVD!) She comes across as one of those genuinely lovely, sweet-natured people, just like Aurora, yet she's also a wise one; given the topic of my last post, I have a lot of love for the following statement:
She is definitely worthy of the modern princess title, alongside Lily James and Belle-to-be Emma Watson. Tinseltown needs more people like her, complete with one very important detail... wardrobe! Whenever I scroll through the guilty pleasure that is Mail Online, I always click on Elle articles in the hopes that there'll be a "buy here" link! Trust me, you'll love it at once, the way you did once upon a fashion dream...

A Little White Buy
1. 50s Lace Dress, £42, Motel     2. Lace Bandeau Dress, £35, River Island    3. Sunglasses, £10, Monki
My mum and sister always used to tell me never to wear white - I was a bit prone to spillages as a child, although you could argue that ice-cream doesn't count (hello white on white). Nevertheless, part of adulting means wearing what I please, so white is back in the wardrobe. 

I especially love anything lacey, chiffony or ruffly, which pretty much summarises all the outfits above! The bell sleeve dress reminds me of my Topshop one; however, if I make a new purchase it would have to be one of the dresses below! If only a Louis Vuitton bag came as the free gift... 

Pastels and Pinks
1. Celeste Peter Pan Collar Coat, £195, Issa    2. 13" Satchel£125 & 15" Batchel£90, Cambridge Satchel Company
Satchels are simply one of my favourite things. I take my Cambridge Satchel everywhere with me and it seems I'm not the only fan! They add a vintage and slightly preppy look to any outfit and are immune from the dreaded zip-break. I'm not quite sure if I would go for a satchel as bright as Elle's, but it has made me deliberate buying a second one in a brighter colour... hmm, there is a 30% sale right now, so surely it would be rude not to?

I really love the look of the pastel bags, as I love softer and more delicate colours this time of year.  I've wanted to buy a pastel coat for practically half my life, but always put it off for fear of it not going with stuff. However, maybe that's all the more reason to deck out my wardrobe in white. I am in love with the ASOS coats below!

Once Upon a Denim Dream
1. Denim bardot dress, £30, Zara     2. Straw hat with contrast band, £14, Pieces 
I make no apology for my denim obsession - this trend just works! I definitely need to invest in one of these loose bardot dresses; I've seen bloggers such as Olivia and Kim wear them, not to mention a spotting thousand and one varieties in Zara. I'm still on the fence about a straw summer hat. I have my velvet burgundy one, which I love, but in truth I'm worried about it blowing away! 

Elle of the Ball
Every girl needs her princess moment, even if there's no ball to go to. I wonder what would happen if you just turned up to Nando's in a gown... anyone care to experiment? Sadly, I'm not sure any occasion in my life comes close to frock-worthy right now, so this one may stay on the Wonderlist. 

The short cream dress, however, could definitely work for summer. It reminds me of the Topshop shift dress I wore all last summer, only with more frills and ruffles - aka more fabulousness. Oh I wish I could afford real Chanel; for now these high street options are firmly on my wishlist...
Disclaimer: the last star style post i did was of  Taylor Swift, so I apologise in advance if my posts carry a man-eater curse...

Who is your biggest star style crush?


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