25 June 2016

Fortnightly Favourites #2

In the past fortnight, my bookmarks list has been a very popular destination for my bloglovin' rambles. You know when you read something and it just resonates? Well, that's happened a lot! From fashion and travel, to health and wellbeing, it reminds me how wonderfully eclectic the blogging world is.

Lately, I've been worrying that I try and cover too many bases with my blog post, but I'm realising this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, isn't variety is the cinnamon spice of life? So grab a cuppa, forget about that referendum  and wander into a world of fluffy puppies, fairytale Fortnum's and wellbeing words to live by...



25 before 25 - I could relate to quite a few things on Martha's list! Especially learning to play the guitar; I got mine a year ago, but life ran away with me and it's sitting there. That needs to change! I also want to visit Japan, improve my Spanish, learn how to use my camera properly, oh... and graduate! Writing a book would also be pretty lovely. Now which to do first?

Meet Toby! - I gravitate towards spaniel crossbreeds like peanut butter to a spoon. Cockapoos are definitely the new labrador, but I'll never grow tired of seeing their cute little faces! Just look at how cute Toby is?! I may be just a little bit poody (puppy broody). Yes, that is a thing. It has to be.

Favourite Brekkie atm - So I may have been drawn in by the cute dog photo... hello traffic tip of the day! Minnie reminds me a lot of Minnie; nonetheless, doggy-love aside, I am genuinely looking for new summer breakfast ideas. I currently have cereal most days, but do think oats could be a nice change. I will definitely be trying this yoghurt bowl; complete with nuts and berries, what's not to love?

What book bloggers actually do - I'm not officially a book blogger, but I do follow the #booksgram tag avidly on instagram and want to start doing more book posts! This blog is definitely up my humour street and gave me a much needed giggle: "we are bloodhounds bookhounds for good price." AMEN. Few things say happiness quite like a book bargain.


A to Z of happiness - If you're feeling a little down, or simply want a dose of positive thinking , this is such a good thing to do! In Kirsty's list, I was sold from Animals right through to Tea and Yoga, not to mention the dollop of Peanut Butter thrown in. The photo of Duke the house bunny is also an instant happiness-booster - he's just SO FLUFFY!

Monday Lunch: you are in charge - I read this post on one of those days you really need a pick-me-up. As Stephie says "you know when you listen to something and it is exactly what you need to hear in that moment?" Well this post was it! I may try podcasts - I listen to music when I walk Millie, which really helps my anxiety (I can't always manage the 'complete silence' thing). However, a wellbeing podcast may be really helpful. If you don't try you'll never know, right? 

Books: Breaking the OCD Stigma - I've been very vocal about OCD awareness in recent weeks, so I was excited to see this book review on Kayleigh's blog. Because We Are Bad, by Lily Bailey, is at the top of my reading list and Kayleigh's review has made me even more compelled to read. On a side note, Kayleigh's blog is also one to put on your reading list! She is an incredibly eloquent and honest writer, who is making a difference with her words. 
*Break the blogger stigma: blogs are so much more than a filtered flatlay.  

I'm doing my best - I've been contemplating a return to journaling for months now - literally. In the IP unit's "goal setting" group, "start a journal" must have made the list for more than 50% of weeks. After reading Erin's post, I may have gotten the final push I needed to recommence journaling. Not only could it get me off technology before bed (bad Sophie), but this Waterstone's journal looks like a great way to do it. 


Butterfly jacket, co-ord and talking body confidence - from wardrobe to words, this post is just wonderful. I'm so glad that Paige wore this co-ord playsuit; she looks gorgeous, but I could relate a lot to her worries. I've found clothing very difficult in recent months, due to the weight gain in recovery. I basically live in pinafores! This post has motivated me to expand my wardrobe and perhaps share more outfit photos on here? We need more bloggers like Paige! 

If you're happy and you know it wear a... - Hat! I may have mentioned my love of hats before. I would really love to be a hat person; the girl people just expect to see styling a bowler or a beret, looking as effortless as Blair Waldorf. After reading Carmen's post, I am ready to pop a straw summer hat into my shopping basket, although I do think she's more of a hat girl than me! 

Better latte than never - I NEED these shoes in my life! Flats are definitely the way forward; I don't have time for tripping over, which regrettably happens quite a lot in heels. For £17.50, how could you not? I'm also putty for a good coffee pun, so the mug may be on the wonder-list too... 

5 key pieces for your summer wardrobe - Crochet shirts and Khaki anything? A girl after my own heart! Victoria is one of my go-to bloggers for some style inspiration and this post proves why. I need more crochet in my life, although now I can actually crochet.... Great British Crochet Bee anyone?

Denim, Always - denim, denim, denim... have I ever mentioned I love denim? Well here's the breaking news. Denim. Always. As quoted by Kim. The fact she's paired this denim midi with a Cloud Cambridge Cloud Satchel has placed even bigger heart signs in my eyes. I'm pretty sure I need a new summer bag....


Gap of Dunloe and Dingle - I've never really Ireland in my travel bucket list, but after seeing these photos I may have to reconsider! Give me mountains, streams and wildlife and trees... what more could you ask for? Even the overcast sky seems to fit in this landscape. Ireland I'm coming for you!

Wanderlist: England's very own Wonderlands - hold the fort and throw away all abroad plans, this is my kind of exploring... right in my own back garden! Puzzle wood in the forest of Dean has particularly caught my eye; even the name has has a mystical aura! 

Alice Through the Looking Glass at Fortnum & Mason - I think it's safe to say that all-things-Wonderland leave me wanderlusting  like no tomorrow. This window display in F&M is fresh out of a fairytale, while I now want wrap pink flowers all over our staircase! I'm sure mum and dad won't mind... Oh Fortnum you are fabulous. 

What have you enjoyed reading this week? 


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