10 June 2016

Fortnightly Favourites #1

Welcome to my roundup of reading loves! I'm going to try and make this a Friyay regular, although my track record of series posts isn't great. It's never too late to change, right? So let's turn a new leaf, starting with life-saving knits, sushi dreams, angry diabetics and that Hogwarts letter... 


Five lazy ways to stay healthy - feeling unwell and lacking the energy to feel better... it's a bit of a catch-22 situation! Luckily, Lorna's post has a few simple remedies. Drinking more water is constantly on my bucket list, but I am going to try harder! Get back to me in one week.

Smell the roses - beautiful photos and words to match, this was one of those posts that just 'works' in so many ways. A reminder to embrace all the world has to offer. Plus, I may have found the dungarees of my dreams...

I Quit - if this is what quitting looks like, we should all do it more! If you can't be happy, then the act of doing is futile. I've certainly learnt this in recent months. The blogging community needs more posts like this!


Why we should ignore body shapes - I can't believe it has taken me this long to find Lauren's blog! Within moments of reading this piece, I was hooked. My favourite line has to be "we're not characters from Mr Men - our shape isn't a core factor of our personality." This is SO true!

How craft and cycling saved my life - I can vouch for this! An uplifting and moving post by Rebecca Armstrong, discussing how knitting helped her through depression. It is so true that it can redirect negative thought processes. I started knitting in hospital and am still going!

I am not my Past - This latest Mental Health Monday post from Jules had me in tears by the end. She is one my biggest inspirations in recovery and I love watching the evolution of her blog.  I especially enjoyed reading her list of things that define her, such as "writer" and "advocate" - I may have to borrow the idea some day! She's also sharing the denim love - what's not to love?  

I haven't got time for fun! - I always look forward to reading Katie's blog. I was a particular fan of her last post, where she talks about mindfulness and self-care. I have recently tried to incorporate both of these things into my life more; it requires more effort than you'd think! I am definitely going to give Katie's outlook a whirl.

Photo credit: This Stuff is Golden 


It's on my List: Norway travels - Summer arrives and I am instantly bitten by the travel bug. I already had a bit of a romanticised view of Norway ("hang in there Joan!"), but this post completes the vision! If the globe is my red apple, Norway is the Royal Gala (sorry Braeburn lovers).  

The world is my oyster - Nicole has created a very Sophie-approved list of dream destinations. Along with our beloved Norway, Japan, Switzerland and Austria are also top of my list. Who wouldn't want to go to the lands of Murakami, Federer and the Von Trapp family? The world is alive and I am ready to explore it! 

10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan - the Nara deer park, that's all the convincing I need! Throw in sushi and tea ceremonies, it's a haven of Sophie happiness. 

The House of Minalima can I have a one-way ticket to Soho please? This delightful post by Hello Miss Jordan explores a pop-up exhibition ft the artists behind the Harry Potter films. If only Apparation and Accio were real....

Photo credit: Polkadot Passport


I support Brexit because I'm left-wing, not in spite of it - This is a really interesting piece by Sam Glover. It's refreshing to read a more balanced approach to the referendum campaign, which has been dominated by attacks on the other side.  Whatever your views, listening to the other side matters. If only politicians could do this...

Restaurant Sign outrages diabetics - Technically this on The Mighty reinforces diabetes stigma, where a restaurant told diabetic customers to inject in the toilets. How can we challenge stigma? Speaking up! I encourage every D-warrior to share this post. We need to speak out on these incidents and expose them as wrong.

What have you enjoyed reading this week? 


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