21 July 2016

8 Life Lessons from Legally Blonde

Context: it's 8pm on a Saturday Evening, and my Macbook is refusing to download a film. Conceding defeat, my sister and I walk dejectedly towards our existing DVD collection. It's looking pretty bleak, until we spot a night in shining armani... I don't think we could have moved further away from We Need to Talk About Kevin if we'd tried! 

Yet, somehow, Legally Blonde won the vote and we were heading off to Harvard - because, you know, it's not like it's hardMaybe there's something about the name Elle, because I've been feeling rather enchanted by her ever since. So I've decided that we really need to talk about Ms Woods - sorry Kevin - as this girl's got more wisdom than an Ivy League alumni...

Know your Aristotle and your Audrey

Hepburn, that is. The greek guy may have taught us that "law is reason free from passion", but Audrey reminded us to believe in Pink! Elle definitely follows the Hepburn mantra, complete with Jackie-O dressing. What's not to love?  

Bend and Snap BACK

Elle knows how to play fair, but she also knows how to stand her ground! One of my favourite movie momenta of all times has to be Paulette saying "I'm taking the dog, dumbass!" I remember quoting this when I was around 8 years old - no joke. How was I even allowed to watch this film?! Clearly I was living on the edge...

For some first-class Elle sass, her final words to Warner are a winner: "I need a boyfriend whose not a complete bonehead". My personal favourite, however, is when she turns up to a party in that bunny costume....

Be nice to tall people

As far as libraries go, the top shelf may as well be a restricted section for short people - befriending a tall person could solve all your problems. I swear Exeter University either has a conspiracy against me, or 20th Century poetry, because those books were always on the top shelf! I've always wanted to visit one of those libraries where they have a moving ladder, but I'm yet to fulfil this bibliophile goal. Until then, tall people are books' best friend...

Buy a Laptop

This is one for all prospective freshers out there: please don't go without a laptop! I know people who tried to survive University without one, but learn from Elle... you don't want to be the girl in PC World at 2am, dressed as a bunny. My laptop was taken to pretty much every lecture, seminar and coffee shop in Exeter; my favourite essay-writing spot. I like to think the smell of Coffee was my equivalent to Elle's scented CVs. And on that note...

"It's pink, and scented"

Give your CV that little something extra! I'm not quite sure I would go down the Ms Woods route, although there's something to be said for Starbucks-scented CVs... However, it has got me thinking of more creatively! 

My dream job would be to work for a craft magazine like Mollie Makes, so what about homemade bunting that reads "please hire me!", or crocheted cupcakes? That being said, we all saw how Elle's homemade muffins went down with Warner's study group...

"She's a friend to the animals"

Even Harvard celebrate her love for the canine community! The entire 2nd film is dedicated to animal rights; nonetheless, her doggy devotion is clear from  day one. I love the moment when she first arrives to Harvard and whips out an inflatable dog bowl. 

Millie has a tendency to go on water strikes when we're out and about - we'll literally dunk her mouth into the portable bottle, but she refuses to take a sip! Maybe a pink bowl, a la Monsieur Bruiser, would do the trick? 

"Speak for those who can't speak for themselves"

Elle's golden moment in film 2 sees her take to Congress with "Bruiser's Bill." As someone who has started consciously buying "cruelty-free"makeup, I have even more respect for this film. I'm actually quite tempted to send a copy to all of the big beauty brands! Speaking up for the voiceless isn't limited to animals; even in 2016, the world continues to ignore the words of so many. This is why I am so passionate about mental health advocacy and will not be silenced by stigma. As Elle says: "one honest voice can carry a crowd." 

"Always have faith in yourself"

Elle's conclusion to her Valedictorian speech is the wisest of them all. She has faith in herself from the start - "I don't need backup - I'm going to Harvard!" - and it sees her defy all expectations. Elle shows that, when you set a goal, conviction can roll the dice your way. 

Self-belief is so powerful, but is admittedly something I struggle with a lot! In moments, nonetheless, it has helped me reach my goals. In my final year of school, I needed to have faith in my own ability to recover and restore weight; many people didn't believe I could sit my exams, let alone get to University, but I did.

For all aspects of mental health, I think self-belief plays a key role. When the mental illness makes things seem so impossibly dark, you have to keep trusting that things can get better. Easier said than done, I know; however, maybe if we all said "I'm going to recover!" more often, the path would seem clearer? It's worth a shot... snaps for conviction! 

If you're still in any doubt, don't take it from me... listen to Modern Family!

What are your top moments from Legally Blonde? 


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