5 July 2016

Once upon a fashion dream

Nothing sends me style-swooning quite like florals and frills. What can I say? I was either a princess in a previous life, or Prince Harry is still waiting for his Belle... 

I love lesser known brands, as I the clothes are a little more quirky and unique. Only last week I was struck by fabric dejavu -  an identical pattern in no less than three high street shops. On your next town trip, I challenge you to work out which three, though let's just say Phillip Green is clearly distracted asking MPs to stop looking at him

In my latest online ramble, with a little help of Shopstyle and ASOS, four brands have made a particularly sparkling impression. Hello princess pastels, royal ruffles and bowing down to the magic of a bow! Disclaimer: Any similarities to my Elle of the Ball post are entirely incidental...

Sister Jane

I  am a long-time lover of Sister Jane, thanks to ASOS and their rather dreamy shop in Notting Hill. Their new collection, "A Unicorn Ride", brings you candy-floss peplum, marshmallow lace and butterscotch volanteUnicorns and marshmallows?! Before you even see the clothes, you want to hop head first into the screen. Yet when you finally do, this hop becomes an almighty dive. I hope you like swimming. 

I love the idea of an outfit having a story, so names like little wanderer ribbon sweater are music to my bibliophile ears. The middle dress below is definitely one for the wishlist, although I am quite taken by the flapper feel of the left dress! It's not my usual style at all, but like any good novel fashion has a way of surprising you... 

Reclaimed Vintage

Whenever I do one of my 'ASOS dream baskets' - aka add anything and everything I love - the reclaimed vintage label always features. Ranging from repurposed fabrics to new, vintage-inspired pieces, it captures so many different styles; whether you want to boho-ho or be Belle of the Ball, they've got it covered! 

Now excuse me while I go and gaze at this lavender ruffle dress again... pastels are definitely my summer love affair. 

Free People

The middle outfit below is called the Dobby dress... The Dobby dress. Seriously, why aren't  all clothes named after Harry Potter characters? Just imagine the "Luna" dress... I've already sold it to myself. Free People has such a - you guessed it - a distinctly free approach to fashion. It's feminine, without being overly fussy. It's got that vintage vibe, but fits into the modern day like Dobby and a sock. 

As with Sister Jane, they give names to their clothes - hello rapunzel dress and wildest dreams slip. Yet another reason for my love of Free People is their blog. I only discovered it earlier this year, but they have really great posts for life and wellbeing. I particularly enjoyed their latest you don't have to do it all, while their yoga posts have inspired me to try it again. 


This brand is currently top of my Wonderlist, until I marry an England Welsh footballer, or realise my dream of becoming the next Beyonce/JK. Well, if Millie's reaction to my singing is anything to go by, I may not have to be lusting for too long... These dresses are truly Princess-worthy; in other words, wardrobe gold dust for the likes of Lily James, Elle Fanning and Emma Watson. 

There's something about ruffles and lace that is instantly magical. I will never be one for ripped jeans - sorry Ed Sheeran - as I just love frills too much. Forget being born in the wrong era, I was born in the wrong universe! I think Arendelle is calling me... 
I've got three weeks until we head off to a very exciting location for our summer holiday. I think my suitcase may have room for one more dress... the question is, how do I possibly decide?

What are you favourite online brands? 

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