30 July 2016

The Waldorf Wardrobe

You know you love me, 
The Waldorf Wardrobe

From the age of 5, I've been in a long-term relationship with the humble headband. In primary school, everyone else was rocking the 90s kid scrunch, but not me. So I bumbled on, quite alone, until Gossip Girl hit our screens and brought my fashion fairytale. Blair without a headband is like Mickey with no mouse ears. It just doesn't happen. She also has a love of ruffles and rejects ripped jeans. In other words, she puts the sense back in style.

Certain places are made for the Waldorf Wardrobe and, as luck would have it, I'm headed to one. Long story short, I got Yale ... short story long, I didn't become Rory Gilmore overnight. After a very persuasive sales pitch to my parents (Blair would have been proud), I got Yale on the itinerary for our upcoming holiday to New England!

This time next week, we begin our 8-day road trip around the East Coast, which will include New Haven and Yale. Between Gossip Girl repeats and serious Instagram stalking, it's safe to say I'm a little excited! While Blair is the queen of preppy style, New England started the trend - according to Wikipedia, that is, so it must be true. Headbands, I'm coming home... 


You've got a friend in tweed

Word of caution: Tweed can make you look like you've raided Grandma's wardrobe. Or the Queen's... it's a risk business. I remember owning a tweed skirt when I was about 10, but that's as far as our relationship goes.

However, with a little inspiration from Blair and Sister Jane, I may be tempted to go on a second date. To quote Blair: "Have a little faith... and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas." So if tweed stands me up, I'll just order a few mimosas at the bar. At least I tried.

Along with tweed, Blair is also princess of the pastels. My love for this style isn't exactly a secret, but you can never have too much of a good thing. Pastels are a really good thing; just look at the Periwinkle Cambridge Satchels

Princess and the Pea coat

Yes, I do know it's July, but I've shopping out-of-season can be pretty rewarding for your bank account. At least that's my attempt to have a year-long love affair with outerwear; only last weekend, we went shopping for holiday clothes and I came back with two jumpers...  Fat Face made me do it. 

Nothing says princess quite like a pea coat, and Blair is the trend's Queen Pea. Along with style, it's also a super practical investment; aka it will actually keep you warm, which is a surprising novelty on the high street. Admittedly, half of these aren't actually pea coats; I came up with the title before I'd completed my 'market research'...

Another Waldorf staple is the cape coat. How have I never owned one of these before?! I loved seeing them on the Sewing Bee, although I think that could be a bit adventurous for my first project! Perhaps I'll put that on my crafting bucket list; for now, Helene Berman is my new favourite find...   

All the Bows and Whistles 

Oh the bow. You can never go wrong with a bow. Blair is a model for this trend. It's got that preppy feel, without going into full-on Rachel Berry territory - not that this is necessarily a bad thing... Paired with ruffles, frills and the headband - obviously - she's pretty much wearing my dream wardrobe. Ms Waldorf can take a bow. 

Band Central Station

It's the headband, no more explanation needed! They speak for themselves. I have set myself the task of making a headband next week, in time for New England. I picked up some gorgeous Bumblebee fabric, last month and want to test my sewing skills post-workshop (The Makery). I've been looking for a reasonably simple project to start with, so there may be another bumblebee on this blog soon! 

Somewhere over the Rainbow

There is one one corner of the Waldorf wardrobe that I avoid. Colour. When it comes to the colour palette, Blair goes where few dare. I'm talking oranges and lemons. They are the colours I see in a shop and think "how can you wear this and not look like a giant satsuma?" It turns out, Blair can.

Somehow, she just makes it work. So much so, that I'm tempted to risk looking like a lemon, or even a satsuma. I don't think orange will ever be my colour, but I do love sunflowers. Perhaps I can try yellow; wear and literally wear my heart on my sleeve. What are your thoughts on yellow? Too bananas? 
Whose wardrobe do you prefer, Blair or Serena?


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