14 September 2016

Jump for wardrobe Joy!

Hello lovely ones. Today's post is a bundle of blogging joy with a very special wishlist... Meet Joy! My new workplace and a wonderland of ruffles, pug vases, cactus earrings... not even the storm outside can steal Joy's thunder.

It's bizarre to think that, only a month ago, my job prospects were anything but joyful. When I got back from New England, Indeed recommendations included Asda shelf-stacker, lorry driver (true story) or working in a cheese shop; although I'm sure Millie would have appreciated the discount, I'm not convinced I would have appreciated the smell...

Then I saw one particular advertisement and mentally jumped for Joy - Enter... Joy! I adored the original shop in Southgate, Bath, and was devastated when it closed, so I could hardly contain my excitement that they were opening a brand new store in Bath. It was official, I had found my dream job, so I popped on my FairyYale Louche skirt and went into the store that day -  one joyful smile and a bow cardigan later, I got offered a job then and there! 

I have been a Joy style advisor for three weeks now and I am really enjoying it. It has been a big adjustment, so I'm still finding my feet, but I am relishing the new experiences; it definitely helps when you love the product - delivery days are like Christmas! 'Tis always the season to be Joy-ly, so here's a selection of my current store loves... 

     Jumper for Joy     

Dilan Waterfall jacket, £69, Joy    Jordy frill detail jumper, £36, Joy    Simcha Frill roll neck jumper, £32, Joy    Mila shirt dress, £35, Joy 
I love how Joy give names to all their clothes; nothing says page-turner like a style story! All of these items are from Joy's self-titled collection, which just launched in June and  is already my favourite section of the store! From my second day, when I opened the delivery box to find the Simcha jumper, it was love at first sight; by the end of that day, our ruffle romance was official. Simcha is now a wardrobe staple and completed my chosen outfit for The Cursed Child - now that's one magical jumper!
Fortune embroidered pocket pinafore, £39, Joy    Arabella check pinafore, £35, Joy    Streetsmart Corduroy Pinafore, £35, Joy

     Satchels and Stripes     

Jewels cropped trousers, £35, Louche    Cantara frill-hem top, £20, Joy    Liz embroidered shirt, £35, Joy    Mari Love letter necklace, £16, Materia Rica    Finesse Culottes, £27, Louche    Jaylo grid Trousers, £35, Louche
These grid trousers have been so popular in Bath; we've had customers from across 3 generations! Sadly they were a bit long on Hobbit me, but my co-worker looked phenomenal. The navy and truffle sleeve dress, which I've nicknamed Rachel Berry, is also top of my Wonderlist. I was tempted to call the love letter necklace "Taylor Swift", but she lost that one with the demise of Hiddleswift. For the record, I'm still recovering from that bombshell; Taylor, on the other hand, has swiftly moved on with a studio and a song. I predict a pop hit by Christmas: Oh Holy Night Manager?

     The Wonderlist with a Lovegood Twist     

Ukiah Peplum Blouse, £21, Valley of the Dolls    Animal flower vase, £50, Joy    Cactus necklace, £8, Louche    Elisha zoo dress, £50, Louche    Rufaro lace top, £24, Louche    Pug salt & pepper set, £20, Joy    Oola cat ring holder, £12Joy    Duckhead umbrella, £22, Joy    Thermal flask, £20, Joy    Cactus vase, £24, Joy
I tried to think what drove me to unite these items, then it hit me - Luna would love them all! I actually tried on the Elisha 'zoo' dress last month and tweeted a sneaky selfie - the response proved that the Twittersphere is as animal crackers as me. Who wouldn't bee? As for the zebra vase and cactus necklace, they speak for themselves. Who knows? The cactus could be a Mimblus Mimbletonia in disguise... I am also just a little obsessed with this duckhead umbrella; Julie Andrews was right, its' always a Joy-ly holiday with Mary!
Ives bow cardigan, £30, Louche    Bee earrings, £35 Gemleys    Bee necklace, £33, Gemleys    Bettina duffle mac coat,  £55, Louche
Luna would probably mistake the bumblebees below for nargles, but I'm certain she'd love them all the same: I wish we had in the store right now - maybe I should put in a request? As for the duffle dream, it justifies #6 in my 21 Home Truths from 21: Paddington bear coats have no age limitNor do Bows, for that matter: if it works for Blair Waldorf, we can all bow down with confidence. The edit below is a bit mustard-mad, but I make no apologies; along with the berry lip and oxblood satchels, Mustard is my go-to for autumn. What are your favourite Fall colours? 

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