31 October 2016

You've got to pick a pumpkin or two...

You've got to pick a pumpkin or two... or three. Because in the Harrison household, all children are equal and need a pumpkin to carve! (We'll overlook the fact that the youngest child has four paws and fell asleep during Hocus Pocus).

It has been a longtime dream of mine to visit a Pumpkin Patch; to be exact, ever since I was an 8-year-old zombie bride in Miami, Florida. Yet it was Nicole's pumpkin patch post that stole my heart; that same day, I scoured the search engine for a squash farm near me. Lo and Behold, I was successful - the nearest none other than the Farm Shop from my childhood, Farrington Gurney! It was a stone's throw away from my Grandparents' old house, but I hadn't been in years. That was all about to change...   
In a roasted nutshell, The pumpkin spiced latte has been well and truly trumped this season... or should I say Trumpkined? For my pumpkin patch experience was about as far removed from the Election horror story as you can get. 

I will definitely be making it an annual event, perhaps next year I could travel further afield... any excuse to return to New EnglandSome girls want groomsmen, gowns and a golden carriage; I choose pumpkins, ponchos and four fluffy pawsMillie loves doing her best Beyonce wiggle...
Every season also brings a new fashion story, and none is more beautiful than Autumn... My wardrobe wonder of the month has to be this Ichi poncho from Joy. This is my first ever relationship with a poncho, but we're already going steady. Not only is it warmer than most winter coats (seriously!), but the grey colour goes with everything. 
Initially, I thought my CSC push-lock was a spring/summer investment; however, with the help of Ugly Snuggly Betty over here, October has fallen under the periwinkle spell. Who knew orange and baby blue could look so grool? (couldn't do a Halloween post without a Mean Girls reference, could I?) Trust me, put the poncho on your WonderList and you won't regret it! 

Speaking of bucket lists, I'm on a role this month. Not only have I fulfilled the childhood goal of being a Pumpkin Patch kid, but I decided to actually use Pinterest. I can pin until the pumpkins come home, but the tutorials rarely make it beyond the screen.... until last week. With a leap of faith, trust and a little bit of Pumpkin dust, we searched for some carving patterns and let it all go.... 
...with some Frozen self-portraits! Charlotte is Anna, I'm Elsa and Millie is Olaf. It's all about the warm and fluffy hugs this season... Some pumpkins are worth melting for. 

What pumpkin pattern would you melt for?

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