16 October 2016

The October Wonderlist

Hello lovely people! Who can help but fall in love with autumn? Cosy fires, piping hot tea, rustling leaves, couchy cushions and all the knitwear - I've just entered my first ever relationship with a Poncho and we're already going steady.

Quite simply, it's the season to make yourself snug as a bug on a fairisle rug. So I simply  couldn't resist sharing my favourite Fall things! Disclaimer: Hygge and Hedgehogs are the unofficial sponsors of this post...

     A Song of Spice and Fire     

Ponchos and duffle coats may be the fairest fashions of Fall; they're clothing's answer to warm Olaf hugs! I got my paddington bear coat last year (from Miss Selfridge) and it is the best coat I have ever owned. Slippers are always a good idea; I tend to go to Next and White Stuff, although I may try knitting my own winter woollies this year... Next craft project maybe?

I went into the Yankee candle store the other day and picked up cosy by the fire as a little surprise for my mum; I cannot recommend it enough! I'm pretty certain this is what Hygge heaven would smell like.

     The Bears and the Bees     

Okay so we might be going slightly Festive with the polar bears here, but I'm the girl who rocks her Polar PJs in July... so no apologies. Whenever I think of Autumn, woodland animals immediately spring to mind; call me Mrs Weasley, but hedgehogs and foxes are a one-knit wonder!

Last year I missed out on the best jumper in the Universe - a beret-wearing hedgehog  - so will be hunting the high *and low* streets for a similar version. I'm quite hopeful that Joy and Joules will answer my prayers; if not, I could attempt to knit my own, but I'll get back to you on that one...

    A Heart of Glastonberry Gold           

Every year, fashion falls under an Oxblood spell and I loyally follow; you simply can't compare to this cosiest of colours, even if the name is a bit Hocus Pocus. This autumn I want to brave some  trends I've avoided, namely the deep berry lip (am I the only one who likes Candice's colours?). The Zoella tutorial from last year has put Glastonberry firmly on my radar, especially as Charlotte Tilbury is cruelty free. Very Victoria is the best lipstick I've ever owned, so it certainly won't be my last from CT. is a dream, Have you bought anything from her makeup range?

I'm also a little enchanted by the march of metallic on the high-street; however, once more I haven't found the confidence to try it! Metallic shoes look amazing on Kendall Jenner, but I would probably look like Luna at the Slughorn Christmas Party. Then again, is this ever a bad thing?! Cambridge Satchel Company's golden poppy bag is top of my sidebar Wishlist for the month, along with their Star satchel; I can see both going perfectly with the Valley of the Dolls star blouse, Glastonberry... and these Office patent brogues (which I ordered last night and are half price - so I will not feel guilty.)

In short, this collection is basically my Fall FairytaleI've thought it all through guys, apart from the grow-your-own Money tree... I'm still working on this one! That being said, with Joy you can grow your own Coffee and Cactus... which is basically the same thing? 
     What are you falling in love with this Autumn?     


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