19 March 2017

Just her Cup of Etsy

Mum's the word this Sunday! Although every day is a time to make your mum feel loved, valued and reminded of just how fabulous she is, Mother's day is a chance to really sing it from the rooftops (or hilltops, if you live in do-re-Maria land).

So when it comes to the present, something especially special (a double espr-ecial) is needed. Enter Etsy, which pretty much captures the most wonderful things about mothers: kindness, comfort, creativity, crafty *enter amazing adjective beginning with c".

So here's my (Woody's) roundup of some truly magical gifts for Sunday. If you're in a spin about what to order, these may be just her...

     Cup of Tea     

Mother's day lace cookie, £6.50, Cookie Art London     Custom Slate Coaster, £6.95, Pretty as a Picture     'Thank-you Mum' mug and coaster, £15, A Few Home Truths     
 Vintage teacup candle, £9Lindsay Lucas Candles Chocolate Dragon Eggs, £15, Sweet Lounge     Chocolate Bouquet, £9, Sweet Lounge
For all my fellow Khaleesis out there, it may be hard to resist the chocolate dragon eggs! The only thing that could top this was the "mother of dogs" T-Shirt I saw on Ebay.... I followed the custom-slate road a couple of christmases ago, complete with american shipping, but I've since become wise to the "Uk only" location filter - stay safe kids, use this button! 

I'm still revering from a broken heart, when I tracked a wand-shaped crochet hook to... Illinois. However, if there's one thing the British do well, it's tea, so we're never going to be lost for tea tales here... 
10 teas I love about you, £7, chi chi moi  Teapot typography print, £18, The Little Moo Boutique     '10 things I love about you' scratch card, £10, Nicole Charleston Art

     Mother Nature    

Paper flowers, £15, Alana Phoenix & Co     'If Mothers were Flowers' candle, £6, Lindsay Lucas Candles     'Mama Bear' spoon, £10, The Silver Birdcage     3D paper vase & bouquet, £20, Creaton Crafts    
Books and flowers are two of my favourite things; something my mum and I have in common! I received the loveliest book rose from friends last year, just after I went into treatment, and it always brings a smile to my face. As for the teaspoon... there's no 'bear with me' on this one! My WonderList has never looked this paw-some.
Family tree necklace, £15, Little English Jewellery     Family tree chopping board, £13.99, The Laser Lodge Wooden family tree, £19, Victoria's Stitches 

     Mother House of Magic Cards    

Dumbledore Card, £2, Entirely Your Own     Scrabble Card, £3, Almost Framous     Harry Potter Card, £2, Entirely Your Own     Mrs Potts Watercolour card, £2.20, CoconuTacha     Ron Weasley Card, £2, Entirely Your Own     I Lava You watercolour card, £2.30, CoconuTacha
I have fallen in love.. and my chosen one is an Etsy artist called Aimee, who has created the most amazing HP inspired cards. The name of her shop - Entirely Your Own - makes me ridikkulusly happy and I may be receiving some Owl Post later this week (let's hope my mum isn't reading this!
What's your cup of Etsy? 

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