9 July 2017

The July WonderList

Bonjour Mes Amies, it's been a while since my last trip to Wonder List Land - so long, in fact, that I've become fluent in 3 words of French. Nevertheless, as part of my 'operation-proper-blog-schedule', which I created last night, the Monthly Wonder List is here to stay! 

White Rabbit's pocket watch was so kind to remind me. So I thought it was about time to reinstate this very important date in my blogging schedule, starting today; after all, with Sale Season shining its bargain rays upon us, it would be rude not to! 

I'm not typically one to stay on-trend with the times - hello giant bear slippers and more bows than a Birthday present. Yet I must confess that I've been swayed... hello embroidery and cold shoulders! I haven't gone completely to the dark side, however, as my beloved bees, trees and Yankee dreams are all covered too. 

So before I am completely late for another important date, let's conclude this ramble and dive down the rabbit hole...

     Baby it's Cold Shoulder Outside...    

Oh, the cold shoulder.... this was a U-Turn that would make Mrs May blush! For the best part of a year, I was stone cold sober on the cold shoulder. Not so much as a pea-sized hole found its way into my wardrobe, and the hype left me utterly perplexed. What did our arm-tops ever do to deserve the cold shoulder?! Literally. Nevertheless, the days of the January sales arrived, along with Mr Hollister, and my shoulder was turned. I am now the bashful owner of not one, not two, but four cold shoulders. Well, technically eight, as I'm yet to be convinced on the 'one-shoulder' trend - no odd numbers here!

In terms of the cold, however, I'm practically Queen Elsa So let's imagine that the trend never bothered me anyway and celebrate the beauties below! I am particularly in love with the embroidered Miss Selfridge top on the left, along with the fairytale Needle and Thread blouse; sadly, unless the Sale Snail snail picks up his pace  the latter may have to remain in Wonderland. Perhaps I will leave that honour to real-life Princess Elle "Aurora" Fanning, who I could see wearing the entire Needle and Thread collection! Even the name makes you think of Beauty's Spinning Wheel... 

... as you can probably tell, I'm just about as enchanted by Elle as I am the cold shoulder, but for now we'll stick with fashion. Are you hot or cold for this trend? 

You are Sew Beautiful...    

....to me, Embroidery. Everything you hoped for and need is right here, if the high-street/Instagram and Pinterest are anything to go by! In hindsight I'm amazed it took me this long to join the embellished Tee party. Not only am I a fan of all things quirky and vintage, I also spend 99% of my life buried in a craft box, tangled in yarn and hunting for my sewing needle (they're more flighty than Trevor the Toad!)

I also have embroidery to thank for bringing me BACK TO JEANS. I avoided them like the plague for years, but grew curioser and curioser over recent months by the Topshop embroidered Mom jeans.   Sadly, my late arrival meant they were completely sold out in-store and nearly lost hope; however, with a little faith, trust and eBay Pixie dust, I became the proud owner of the instal-famous jeans three weeks ago.

Since then, my eyes have been turned by all-things embroidery. Zara and Mango are especially good for the trend and top of my "go-to" list; I particularly like the look of the iron-on patches in Mango, perfect for fashion DIY. I also found these "oui-non" espadrilles and cute-as-a-button bag from Pink Poodle - the brand name alone has me sold!

      Let it Bee     

After two lots of trendsetting, it's about time we returned to my roots. Not that my blog name is any giveaway, but I'll always have time for the powers that Bee. Along with being Queens of Mother Nature (hello pollination), they provide an endless source of puns and make especially BEEautiful fashion statements.   

My Alex Munroe Bee necklace has been a constant companion since Christmas. It is a daily reminder to BE and, most recently, adopted a new role as Teaching Assistant! When the girls at school asked why I loved Bees, I gave a very short introduction to pollination and why "Plants need Bees, like Tree Houses need Trees!" Five minutes, the entire Bee population had six new fans, while my own little Bee had a new name: Vanessa. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it now reminds me of my Little Matildas and that is what matters! 

Along with my necklace, I also have a bee bag from Accessorise and am considering a Bee Tattoo...  I'm still in the very early stages and I'm terrified of what others may think, but I know it is what I want and would be a permanent reminder of my recovery - before you can DO, you must learn how to BE. On a more transient note, I want to see if I can get an Olivia Burton Bee watch with a vegan strap. I was so excited when I saw their new range of Vegan watches, as I'm currently transitioning out all leather from my wardrobe. What are you thoughts on keeping leather products you already own?  

    Zen out of Ten           

If you can't have an actual Zen garden, fashion can offer a helping hand. Let's start with Cactuses (or Cacti, if the Latin Grammar police are reading). They are EVERYWHERE! It's like there's a competition on the High-street  for the biggest prick. Either that, or Somerset has morphed into the Sahara Dessert. Perhaps I'm a little scarred by the baby cactus i bought last year, which led to a soil explosion on my new bedding.

I feel far more at Ohm with other pieces of Zen, such as the Alex and Ani bracelets (I have the "Elder" charm) and "Grow your Own" kits. When I worked at Joy, we had nearly a dozen varieties of these, including "Grow your Own" Coffee and Wine. I'm also pretty sure we had a "Grow your Own Boyfriend", but unless he's Jon Snow/ Newt Scamander I'll give it a miss.

On a more serious note, mindfulness is far more than what things you see - it's how you see them. So For me, part of this process is taking time each day to write down a "high" and "low", checking in with myself and my emotions. I also find it's the little things, like fresh sunflowers or the smell of coffee, that can be worth a thousand times their weight in gold. That being said, perhaps that's where a Yankee Candle comes into play... Sun & Sand on a Rainy Day ? They may be onto something... 

     What are you loving this July?     


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