From Magazines to Miss Honey: Choosing a Career that Works for YOU

A week ago, I uploaded my first Youtube video in over a year... it's safe to say that I was just a little nervous! Suffice to say, I'm so happy I did, because this is a topic that I am so passionate about: Choosing a career place that works for you.

Yes, little old you, your happiness and your values! I posted this for World Mental Health Day, which focused on workplace wellbeing and ensuring there is enough support available. While I am such a strong advocate for this, I wanted to approach it from a slightly different angle: the job itself! You can have all the support around you in the world; however, if the career itself isn't right for you, then no amount of guidance can truly change YOUR STORY.

Only you have the power to pick up that pen, turn the page and start a new chapter... I hope you enjoy watching! 

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