1 November 2017

Fresh Pawspectives from the Pumpkin Patch

You're never too old to start new traditions and, after last year's ramble to Farrington Gurney, i was determined to visit the Pumpkin Patch again! For starters, my fluffy Princess/ First Dog/ pawesome sister loves it and I'm not trying to speak bark for her. You only had to look at her waggy tail/tongue/bottom  to know she's in seventh heaven! We call it her Beyonce Wiggle and she was Sasha Fierce on Sunday.

My other big motivation for returning echoes my recent posts, Leaving the Ghost of Autumns Past and Imagination, Free Elves and Freeing Yourself. If, by some miracle, you happened to read them (#ad #shamelessselfpromotion) then you'll know that I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and rewrite past experiences of this season. When I visited the Pumpkin Patch in 2016, I was a fortnight away from being admitted to hospital and my mental health was in a bad place. Though I did genuinely enjoy our trip and loved posting about it, I wasn't truly 'there' and did put on a front. 

Thus is one of the reasons why I've been more open in recent posts. Not only is it cathartic for me and part of "rewriting my narrative", I've also had some lovely messages on social media; people saying how much it helps them. As I've said before, this kind of response is worth more than 1000 likes or "Great post! Follow back?" *insert link* comments (that being said, if you actually enjoy my rambles and want to respond, I would love to hear from you!)

So here's the real deal with today's post: I'm in a pumpkin patch, with TWO of my favourite people (two-legged mum and four-legged sister) and I'm genuinely happy. Recovery is still "work in progress" (bare with me!), but in this moment I was a world away from October 2016. I'm a great believer that the truest sign of health is your face; it's one of the reasons I think body-shaming is so futile

When I sorted through the photos for this post, I only had to look at my eyes and smile to see this change. Though I still gave progress to be made with my physical and mental health, my eyes and smile show a girl who is LIVING. I had the energy to chase after Millie, which I simply didn't last year; what's more, she's faster than she looks and I was soon popping my coat in the Pumpkin barrow! 
One of the highlights for me was when a little boy ran over to Millie. I'll be honest, I'm not entirely convinced by the whole 'fate' think; however, i couldn't help thinking it was meant to be. It reminded me of the change that helped me come alive, in the past year: the decision to pursue primary teaching. This little boy was bursting with excitement, yet became timid when he got up close to Millie. 

With the encouragement of his mum, my mum and little old me, Millie found a new friendFrom that point onwards, we kept bumping into them every few minutes, right up until we were paying for our pumpkins! To quote his mum: "he's completely obsessed with her." I only wish I could say the same for my little Minion. Truth be told, she was rather more interested in another pastime... pumpkin eating
Princess Pawesome picked a patch of pureed pumpkin... 
 ...and decided to squash in a little snack before dinner; ever the op-paw-tunist! Compared to last year, we left our pumpkin ramble a little late in the day and a lot of them had split. So in Millie's defence, the smell was like a Yankee Candle Shop on All Hallows' Eve and Pumpkins are food. Given that dog noses are 40 times more receptive than humans (random fact of the day), we'd basically taken her to  Woofy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and  we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Besides, just look at her little face...

How could we not? I was also far too content to be cross and I swear Autumn colours are like natural serotonin-boosters! It's the one time of year where a girl can dress like a slut like orange and no other girl fashion police can say anything about it. Speaking of fashion, I decided to go all-out with the embroidery trend and teame my favourite backpack with a brand new pair of Miss Selfridge MOM jeans (half price, thanks to a hoarded birthday voucher!) 

Oh this backpack... it may be the best fashion gift my mum has ever given! Not only is it bunny-friendly (non-leather), it's far more durable than its predecessor and is just the right size for all those handbag essentials: purse, phone lipstick, diabetes equipment, yarn, crochet hook... what more could you want? It is a must for any vegan/cruelty-free wishlist *edit* add it to ANY wishlist! Who needs Hell for Leather when Aldo have created a Heaven for Non-Leather

I've also found possibly the most economical buy of the season - this jumper from Primark! I now own it in 3 different colours, all for £18 and the material is so soft! I like that it's not a full-on jumper, so can can be worn under dresses/jumpsuits and tucked into skirts. I've pretty much had these 3 tops on rotation for the past month... time for a fourth colour? 

...and so  squishy squashy rambles came to an end. However, the clock hadn't yet struck midnight; here was still time to turn that pumpkin into a golden cow-rage... yes, you did read that correctly. A COW RAGE. Sorry to disappoint any aspiring carriages, but the cows were one step ahead of you. Salagadoola mechika baloo la, Bibbidi-Bobbidi MOO...
Oh, and there was also time to actually carve a pumpkin Potterhead style, as you do. It seems that the resurrection stone and elder wand got a little weathered along the way, but the Cloak of Invisibility didn't let me down - take note Muggles! Have you ever attempted a Potter Pumpkin? I'm already Pinterest Pinning for next year, to do alongside my beautiful V - if you're reading this my lovely, this one's for you...


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