1 December 2017

24 Days of Kindmas

Happy 1st December my Free Elves! Let's pop on Michael Buble, buy a tree, CRACK OPEN THOSE BEAUTY CALENDARS AND UNVEIL THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS...

Yeah, about that... If you saw my Alternative Advent guide, you'll know that I'm less than enchanted by "24 Days of Nail Polish" and will not be receiving a dozen lotions I don't need. Instead, I've been working on a project that I created to support those TRULY in need. It's the project I hinted at in my last post, saying I  would "reveal all on 1st December". Well it's the 1st December and, for the first time in my life, I'm actually staying true to a blogging schedule . To quote Regina, "what is happening to the world?!"

To answer her, I know what's happening in the next 24 Days of my world: 24 DAYS OF KINDMAS. 24 days. 24 good deeds. 24 ways of GIVING back through kindness, not cash. After all, I think the commercialism of Christmas is one of the reasons people can feel overwhelmed: there's so much pressure with gift-giving, the high street is constantly bustling and there's more parties than mince pies. 

I've seen people tweeting about how difficult the crowds are; others feel an expectation to be "happy" and the focus on food can be distressing for those with eating disorders. In short, it's not all Festive Cups, pompom hats and "good tidings of great joy" (though Pret's Avocadeer is a guaranteed day-brightener.) Yet I want to get back to the true meaning of Christmas; the values that sent Scrooge to Kermit the Frog's Bob Cratchit's house with a "thankful heart"; The compassion that helped the Grinch's heart grow two sizes. I want to be Cindy Loo Who, hairstyle and all! *Mental note to look for Pinterest tutorial*

For my first day of Kindmas, I wanted to do something for a friend who is currently in IP treatment. Having been in the same position this time last year, I know how isolating it can be during the festive period; especially when your own head is a (pre-heart) Grinch. This friend is having a particualky hard time and deserves all the *penguin hugs* in the world. So when I was at the hospital for CBT yesterday, I left a little note and a Christmas Top at reception. It's just a small gesture, but I immediately thought of her when I saw the Penguin design; if it can bring just a second of comfort, it is worth more than all the beauty calendars in the world!

I will be talking lots more about 24 Days of Kindmas on here, Twitter and Instagram, but for now I will leave you with some ideas for the challenge ADVENTure... Whether your own Calendar contains chocolate, teabags, socks, gin, nail polish or bag of confetti (no judgement), there's always a time and place to GIVE back:

Buy a Big Issue

Donate to a Charity

Buy a sandwich/coffee for a homeless person

Leave a positive quote on a bus/train seat

Surprise a housemate/family member with flowers 

Buy your gifts from a charity/local business

Visit the @HelpRefugees Choose Love shop in London

Buy a reusable cup to reduce plastic consumption

Donate old clothes to a charity

Give a home to a lopsided Christmas Tree 

Support smaller bloggers (spontaneous shoutouts)

Spotlight a good cause on your blog

Make a gift for someone who is struggling

Write a letter to a friend or relative

If you want to join me with #24DaysOfKindmas, use the hashtag on Instagram or tag me on twitter;  it would be incredible for other people to get involved, even if it's just a single day. One little act of kindness can go such a long way! Love is louder than all the Christmas Bells in the World. Giving has more value than a trillion Asos hauls. Compassion is the true spirit of Christmas.


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