23 January 2018

Tunesday: The Nostalgia Playlist

Before I head off for my 2nd and 3rd Primary PGCE interviews (with less than 24 hours between them, pray for me), I wanted to do a throwback post to my own childhood. I've thought about starting a Tunesday series for a while,  as I loved writing Christmas Screen Songs and creating playlists is a secret talent pastime of mine. What's more, I strongly believe that music is its own form of therapy or, as Dumbledore so wisely obsevered, "a magic beyond all we do here." (It wouldn't be a post without an HP reference now would it?)

When I was in treatment, I made several CDs for the dining room and I like to think it brought moments of comfort in very stressful circumstances. More often that not, the songs that helped us most fell under the umbrella of "nostalgia". There's nothing quite like hearing Little Bitty Pretty One as you eat your cereal, or imagining that Hedwig delivered your Owl Toast. That being said, it probably wasn't a wise idea to try and levitate Malties with my eyes #NonConcordance.

So here it is; my updated and extended nostalgia playlist! I would love to know how many you recognised, so do let me know in the comment. I've gone for three different 'themes' in this rather eclectic medley, so one thing's for certain you'll never get bored! I started with Movie Memories and then moved onto Theme Tune Throwbacks, before rounding it all off some real noughties nostalgia. Otherwise known as the time when CDs were cutting-edge...

*Disclaimer: If you watched Disney Channel in the 90s, or knew how to reach for those stars, welcome to your childhood:

Do you recognise most of them, or are you searching your memory for the source of the mysterious ticking noise? If you are in this latter category, please don't worry;  unlike the newspaper crossword that expects you to wait SEVEN DAYS for a solution, I've got it all covered right here, right now.

Under the 'read more' I've listed the songs that don't reveal their film roots in the playlist (I know, how rude of them). So if you want the 411 then simply pop on you time turner, say the password *dUmbleDore!* and go explore...

       THE PARENT TRAP         


       LOVE ACTUALLY         

      TWO OF A KIND & ICE PRINCESS         

       THE PRINCESS DIARIES         

If you liked this post, please leave suggestions for another TUNESDAY playlist!

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