2 April 2018

Fantastic Beasts and Why to Free Them

For the first three months of 2018, I have admittedly struggled to take my own advice and "sock it" to certain areas of anxiety. While I've shared photos of my crochet on here, IG  and even sent a Dobby to my favourite HP Yotuber, The Bakeey. However, when people ask about buying them and I reply "they'll be on Etsy soon!", I may as well add "19 years later." I get so close to listing, before I am stupefied by self-doubt and convince myself that compliments are given out of sympathy. Are my makes the muggle world equivalent of Digrible Plum earrings? Perhaps... However, in the words of JK Rowling:

"It's impossible to live without failing 
at something, unless we live so cautiously 
that we might as well never live at all, 
in which case we fail by default."

I can give all the talk in the world about socking it to anxiety, but I need to walk in those free-elf shoes too. It's time to tell the anxiety Bogart, "you are RIDDIKILUS", and trust in my inner Luna; the girl who doesn't judge herself by what others may think. The girl who defies the scepticism of society and "imagine better". Crochet has been my saving grace in the past two years. I've spoken before about my trust in #craftastherapy and it's been especially important in recent months. 

Although I returned to University with my yarn box in tow, I did initially forgot my wellbeing priorities; I would work on my essays until the stroke of midnight; another day would pass without a single new sock. Poor Dobby, he had cold feet for far too long. Then I discovered the magical world of Harry Potter Youtubers and Podcasts and I returned to my Hogwarts home. I've mentioned MuggleCast before, but I want to give a shoutout to Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them - a new podcast by Brizzy Voices and Tessa Netting. I listened to their latest episode as it felt like it was meant to be. They basically said sock it to the muggles and BE YOU:

"Be a proud Potterhead with all your heart!"

They are truly SPEWtacular and have definitely become part of my new routine for wellbeing. Instead of essaying away until my head hits the pillow, I am stopping an hour before bed to get my night snack #recoverypriorities, put on a youtube video/ podcast and do some crochet. It is "an inexhaustible source of magic" for my mental health and, who knows? There's a chance that, by sharing this, I can encourage one other person to keep the glass-half-WOOL themselves. They may even open their own Etsy store. They may even, despite what the mind-bogart tells me, find a forever friend on Bumble and Be Makes....
... which brings me onto the bogart in the room. Selling my makes. For this, I've needed to find my gryffindor courage, open myself up to the possibility of failure and realise that I have nothing to lose by sharing! On the contrary, I have everything to gain - and I'm not talking about galleons. For me, the thought of someone falling in love with Dobby's freedom sock, or Neville the Niffler's mischievous smile, means more than all the gold in Gringotts. 

On that note, I solemnly swear that THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE IS FREE ON ETSY. Not one, not two, but three magical beasties have Floo-Powdered their way to BumbleandBeMakes, ready to find their chosen human.  Dobby was especially nervous, mostly because he worried about getting his sock dirty. Neville Niffler couldn't be happier to be flying the nest, but I think that's because I put "alohamora" on my purse. Last but not least, Beaky just wants someone to keep him safe and be his "Always". 

However, in the name of SPEW values and giving a voice to the voiceless, I will let them have the final word...

I can be a little timid, but I have a heart of gold and will ALWAYS be loyal to my friends. My favourite Harry Potter character is Kreacher, because people underestimate him and I am a proud Ravenclaw (as you can tell by my sock colour). In my spare time, I enjoy walking along the beach, eating Butterbeer ice-cream and and practicing my Yoga with Fawkes (as you can see in the 3rd photo)  Could you be the Ron to my Harry, or the Pickett to my Newt?

After many years as an innocent fugitive, I would love to spend my retirement in a loving home. I can be a little nervous with new people, but if you can open your heart to me then I will ALWAYS be there for you. Just like those muggles in Central Perk. Could you be the Norbert to my Hagrid, or the Sirius to my Crookshanks? 
When I'm not finding gold to store in my pouch, I enjoy listening to "Price Tag" by Jessie J and daydreaming of a trip to Gringotts. Like the Weasley Twins (RIP Fred) I will be up to NO GOOD 93.4% of the time; however, I solemnly swear that you will ALWAYS be my first priority! I hope that you can look past my gold-digging hands and see the heart of gold beneath.
Bumble and BE FREE 


  1. I am sorry but this is bizarre. I understand wanting to be childlike but this seems incredibly out of touch and actually quite worrying from a mental health perspective.

    1. What are you doing here ? Can you just leave us alone with our elves and creatures from the magic world ? Thank you (you must be a Slytherin

  2. Sophie these are amazing! You are so talented 🙂 Do let me know next time there's a Hippogriff needing to find a home!


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