17 April 2018

Tunesday II The Study Playlist

Happy Tunesday my lovely ones! I'm going to start with a confession: I don't actually have a blogging schedule. Shock of the century I know, for existing readers of my rambles; however, as I seem to always post on a Tuesday, I'm just going to pretend that this is intentional and make Tuesdays  my bee day (Bumble and Be speak for blogging day. 

For what it's worth, it will help me feel like I have my life together, which is quite helpful when you have a dissertation due in three weeks.... Forget 'the three Rs', I am in need of the three Cs: coffee, cuddles and a new calendar... So if you happen to spy one on your travels, feel free to send it my way! (top tip: I hear owl post is more reliable than the Royal Fail Mail

On a serious note, it's safe to say I'm a little frazzled! Having paused my studies for two years to focus on "more important thing", as Hermione says, I always knew that this final term of University would involve a period of adjustment. What's more, given my historically difficult relationship with academia and mental health (the past two years weren't exactly a picnic, although food was definitely involved ) it has also required changing my approach. 

I have a full post coming next week on study survival strategies I've developed this year - hello podcasts, coffee shops and fantastic beasts - but for now it's all about TUNEsday and those fantastic beats... oh dear, i've really out-punned myself - and not in a good way! So let's move swiftly onwards and begin again with my Study Playlist. Disclaimer: Taylor Swift is nowhere to be seen! 

When it comes to studying, the question of noise vs no noise is about as contentious as "to be or not to be?" , or the latest Kardashian baby name. Throughout my education, I've gone both ways. With GCSEs I played Fearless so much that I basically became a Taylor tribute act. During A Levels, I quit music altogether, only to find that the Anxiety album was ten times noisier and I couldn't even get a refund. 

As of 2018, that record still plays in my head and I am still waiting for my refund and my hogwarts letter; however, I've found a happy balance. I have been an unashamed fan of film scores for years, ever since I first watched Lord of the Rings, and since then  I've discovered pianists like Einuadi.  I often listen to them before bed, yet since starting University they became my go-to for study. 

I recently discovered the world of StudyTube and love the instrumental music Ruby uses in the background. It is so calming and, because there are no lyrics, it's far less distracting. If you're looking for chart music, this playlist probably isn't for you! When my floor is covered in notes and my typing hand is throbbing in pain, the last thing I need is Liam's bedroom floor.

On the other hand, if you're looking for calm in the chaos, nostalgic notes and motivational melodies, I've got your back John.... I received some lovely messages about my Nostalgia Playlist and, when I did a poll on twitter, a Study Playlist proved most popular. So I'm following the stats - because you know how bloggers love their stats - and spotlighting my Studify...

* Concerning Hobbits *     * Cambridge 1963 *     * Reminiscing With Grandma *

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start... with motivation, just like the #mondaymotivation hashtaggers. I know that music is subjective, but I defy anyone to hear those opening strings on Concerning Hobbits and not feel upflited

Another soundtrack I am loving is The Theory of Everything, which I rediscovered following Stephen Hawking's death last month. I particularly love songs at the start of the film, such as Cambridge 1963; they hold so much vitality an hope and are the perfect testament to Hawking's own words.

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. 
However difficult life may seem there is always something 
you can do and succeed at. It just matters that you don’t give up.”

On a personal level, seeing the title also reminds me of my own offer for cambridge, which is pretty much the biggest motivation I could ask for.

* Starlit *     * I Giorni *     * Natasha *     * The Letter that Never Came *   

Along with motivation, sometimes you simply need calm. There are some film score songs that I absolutely adore; however, if I put them on study playlist, I would never get any work done! Some Lord of the Rings tunes spring to mind, along with Game of Thrones, the original Beauty and the Beast and even Hedwig's Theme (which you can find in my Nostalgia Playlist, so never fear).

When it comes to beauty and simplicity, Thomas Newman is a master. From A Series of Unfortunate Events to Finding Nemo, his music is so distinctive; when I watched Passengers last year, I instantly recognised him and downloaded the soundtrack that night - my dad did the same, as it was playing when I went downstairs the next morning! If you do one thing after this post, listen to Starlit, or anything by Newman. Oh, and Einaudi, because I could listen to I Giorni on a loop and never fall out of love.

Fun fact: if you play the piano,  Einuadi's music is surprisingly easy to self-teach. I say this because I managed it and I'm about as close to Einuadi as South is to North West

* A Close Friend *     * Leaving Hogwarts *     *Farwell *     * Fairytale *

You didn't think I'd end this post without a Harry Potter song now did ja? Okay, I'm pretty certain I've made this reference half a dozen times on Instagram... and it's still just as unfunny. When will I learn? That being said, strictly speaking there's only one Harry Potter song on this playlist - Leaving  Hogwarts - as I opted for two from Fantastic Beasts.

James Newton Howard's score is whimsical, without whisking me away to " a world entirely of my own." Not exactly what I need to stay on planet dissertation.  There is also the Jacob's bakery Tune at the end, which is the perfect pick-me-up and makes me think of the crochet beasts waiting to be crafted, once I reach a certain point of my work.  But, once again, that's a tale for next week.

Oh, did I mention I'm doing a study survival strategies post?

"'Hang on, I think I remember [her] saying 
something about it,’ said one of the twins.
'Once–' 'Or twice'
'A minute–' 'All summer–'
'Oh, shut up,' said Percy the Prefect."

On that note, I will shut up and get back to writing my essay, with Newman, Newt and co. Obviously. 

If you spotted any personal favourites in the playlist, or would love to see a particular song, scribble your thoughts in the comments!


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