25 September 2018

Bumbling back to the Blogosphere

In recent months, my blogging has been sporadic at best and I instinctively want to begin this post with an apology. Since 14th July, when I wrote a letter to seven-year-old Sophie, my fingers have bumbled over the keyboard so many times, typing sentences that just won't stick. I always get a few hundred words in, only to stop and delete the entire post. My old nemesis Mr NOA (negative-over-analysis) has been ranting his head off, convincing me that "I don't have anything to say".

Earlier this month, I contemplated leaving my online home altogether. This post was going to be the "so long", the "farewell" and as mentioned earlier, the apology. That was, until I realised that saying "sorry" was exactly what NOA wanted me to say. It would have been a post tied up in guilt, shame and self-doubt and for what? To let go of something I know SOPHIE loves so much? To go back on everything I advocate? To let "the mind muggles" win? Uncle Vernon got one thing right: "no sir!"

There is one area of my virtual life where NOA hasn't had a look in this year, and that is Instagram. It was a platform that once petrified me, yet it's amazing how things can change when you "sort out your priorities" and @beeing_sophie I post nearly everyday - not because "I have to", it's because I want to! I see it as a micro-blog and I am very much part of the #chattycaptioncommunity. I've found a new lease of life through #Pottergram, #MakersGonnaMake and - my personal favourite - #ASecondofWhimsey, because it's okay to embrace your inner Luna. It's okay to just BE YOU. Haven't I written this often enough on here? On instagram at least, I've finally started to live it...
...which brings me onto the future of Bumble & Be. Far from deleting this space, I've decided that it WILL continue to BE. However, it will take a leaf out of the @beeing_sophie book and be exactly as I want it to be. This means more micro-blogging, more variety and, hopefully, more posting! NOA has always been my biggest stumbling block to consistency/frequency. I've set impossible standards for each post, seeing photos alone as "insubstantial" and having a serious case of FOMSO - fear of missing something out. Note to self: a post doesn't need to be an essay to be worth sharing! On the contrary, do people really have the time or desire to read those? 

I want to share my cruelty-free favourites, without turning it into a personal statement for the Lush Baccalaureate - it would be pretty Lush if this did existed, but for blogging purposes a sentence or two will do! I want to share more of the WitchCRAFTing Wizardry that characterises my Instagram Along with updates on future Etsy projects, I want to talk about life as a small biz and advice for those wanting to start. I may even start Studio Vlogs, who knows? But these things will only happen if I let go of NOA - the over-analysing voice that may as well be saying "petrificus totalus."

Last, but by no means least, I want to renew Fortnightly Favourites. For old readers of this blog (if you're still there), this series may ring a familiar bell. For new readers, it's the closest I ever came to a "consistent" series and is pretty much what it says on the tin: my favourite reads, watches, listens, eats, discoveries etc... of the fortnight. Except that, very quickly, the first part of the title no longer made sense and I'd be lucky to post one every two months. In classic Sophie style, I bit off more than I could chew - sometimes quite literally! 

I remember sharing a new flavour of Graze flapjack and feeling compelled to share the rest... along with 482392843 other varieties of snack bar. Talking about one favourite blogger became a comprehensive guide to "Every blog post that ever existed", complete with subcategories. Yes, subcategories! I shared so much that it took over two weeks to write and edit each post. By the time they saw the light of day, the content was often out of date eg: the TV series in question had finished or, in one instance, the restaurant had changed its menu! 

In short, I always try to cram a forest into a rabbit hole and poor Flopsy can't catch a breath. I'm not quite sure where this analogy came from; that being said, as a committed voice for all things bunny-friendly, it's a helpful one to remember! The next time I feel a ramble coming on, think of Flopsy. On that note, I think Flopsy has had quite enough for one day and, given by the path this post has taken - extinct restaurant dishes and virtual rabbits - so have I. So I will end it here with a promise to myself: If things don't look right, turn left. Leave wrong in a box and think outside of it. Find another way and don't question; simply trust your feet and go there.   

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