12 October 2018

Learning the Power of Imperfection #WorldMentalHealthDay

The wifi muggles tried to get me down, but Young Minds will ALWAYS matter. That is why, 19 hours later, the video uploaded and I still posted. I do not need to apologise for the delay, because I would not expect 7-year-old Sophie to apologise. I would tell her to be imperfect imperfectly perfect. which includes letting go of self-expectation. 

On that note, my video for World Mental Health day is all about crossing out the cross and putting a tick on TRYING.  As someone who is committed to a career in Primary Education and passionate about Mental Health Awareness, the theme for this year's World Mental Health Day - "Young People in a Changing World" -  really hit home. By drawing on my personal experiences of Academic Perfectionism, I talk about why Teachers need to see pupils as PEOPLE, not percentages. The best educators are those who cross out the crosses and put a tick on trying - who see beyond the final answer and consider the process to get there.

I'm also revealing a sneak-peak of my Crochet Charity Project, which I will be doing a full video on in the near-future. Inspired by the four Hogwarts Houses, I will be creating four Pygmy Puffs for four Charities, starting with Patience Puff. She is spreading  the #HelloYellow message of her chosen charity, Young Minds and her name symbolises the compassion, loyalty and patience of Hufflepuff House. Even in the darkest of times, a Hufflepuff would never give up on someone and this is an invaluable message for Mental Health support. 

So before I hand over to the vlogging-Sophie (in all her Take-That-singing glory), blogging-Sophie  wants to end with a final suggest of 'wellbeing wizardry' from have-a-little Miss Patience: "have patience, show compassion and never, never give up."

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