3 November 2018

How I package my Etsy Orders #WitchCraftingWizardry

Background to this video: everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong! The Digital Dementors kept telling me that "iCloud storage was full"... fast forward several hours, I'd deleted 93.4% of my photos and the MAC Barrier STILL wouldn't let me through... Dear Mr Apple, what did I ever do to you!? Besides spending a small fortune on your products. In fairness, the majority of the time I wouldn't dream of trading in Mr Mac for Messrs P and C, but it was just one of those days!

Along with photos, I had to refilm and rerecord several parts of this video, hence the reason my voice suddenly sounds like a different person. I've also had to retake the majority of photos of my next Etsy SPEW listings, which was riddikulusly frustrating! However, in the name of being "imperfectly perfect" I will practice self-compassion and say "it's okay." It's okay if there's elements of this video that are a little rough around the edges, because that's part of life.

It's also part of having a small business! Not every crochet creation goes to plan. I can't count the number of times I've run out of niffler yarn, mysteriously lost half my crochet hooks, glued my fingers together attempting book-page flowers, or opened my craft-eye box the wrong way... less than 24 hours after I'd arranged them all into colour-coded compartments. I admit, there were tears! 
Nonetheless, I ALWAYS live to tell the tale and remember my "light in the darkest of times": the inexhaustible magic of WitchCrafting Wizardry: The self-worth that comes from receiving a lovely review, or the smile that lights up my face when I see one of my SPEW Crew Creatures on my Instagram Feed. So I've decided to cast some of the Bumble and Be Makes Magic onto youtube, starting with a 'behind-the-scene's look at how I package my Etsy Orders. From writing poems on the back of my business cards, to building their own "burrow in a box",  I love packaging my crochet creatures nearly as much as I love making them!

Whether it be the customising the adoption card message, or including surprise little extras, I want to create an experience and give each parcel a true personality - just like the beastie inside. Every time you buy from a small business, you are casting a spell to keep a Maker's dream alive, so I want to give as much magic back as I possibly can. I hope this can be the first of many more "Studio Vlogs," but we'll see what happens! Who knows? It may get 100 views, or it may get 10, but if it can make just one person smile I will see it as #MagicManaged.


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