13 January 2019

Silver Linings Sunday #01

How do you solve a problem like global negativity? SMILES. To quote Buddy the Elf, "I just like smiling, smiling's my favourite!", but I think the world sees far too few of them. Quite simply, society is very quick to put a "but" after everything and notice the clouds, not the silver linings. Those familiar with my blog will no doubt have heard of silver linings and you'd be forgiven for thinking, "Sophie, isn't this just a rehash of your last post?" 

Well, yes... and yes again! For if there's one thing I learnt from writing my "8 Silver Linings from 2018", it's that there's always space for more positivitea; this is especially true when you're prone to seeing the glass half empty, or struggle to fill your own self-care cup. With Mr NOA (Negative Over-Analysis) peering over my shoulder, it's easy to dwell on the "but" and forget how to BE. To lose sight of those little joys that, in the moment, poured some light over an all-too-dark world. 

On that note, allow me to introduce #01 of “Silver Linings Sunday” - or "7 Smiles Sunday" - a weekly record of 7 cup-filling moments. Alongside benefitting my own mental health in 2019, I would love to think that other people find it helpful too. Perhaps we could even make it a community thing? So after reading (no pressure, but that would be a nice bonus!), please do comment below with your own "seven smiles", share them on social media #7SmilesSunday, or simply write them in a journal for you to look back on. After all:

 "It's impossible to make your eyes twinkle,
If you're not feeling twinkly yourself."
- Roald Dahl || Danny the Champion of the World 


1. Sending a Huggg - I'm no stranger to describing coffee as "a hug in a mug", but what if that saying  was actually true? Meet Huggg, Technology's app of Wellbeing Wizardry that is, quite simply, MAGIC. In short, Huggg allows you to send vouchers for a range of independent cafes, cinemas etc... and can be used by the recipient whenever their heart desires.

Have you ever wanted to give someone an actual hug, only for the Mile Muggles (distance) to get you down? Send a Huggg! This is exactly what I did on Tuesday, sending an Independent Coffee Hugg to a friend who deserves all the hugs in the world. Not only did it make her day, it made mine too! No matter how big or small, random acts of kindness cannot be overvalued.

Quick disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I am simply a girl who believes that technology can be a force for good, if used in the right way, and Huggg is a golden example of this. If snitches were hearts, Huggg would be my first choice for Seeker. 

2. Reuniting with Biff & Chip - Another term, another school, another round of Magic Key adventures and it never gets old! For many people, reading the same story three times in one afternoon would be tedious, but I honestly love it. Every child has their own hurdles and it's interesting to see how different words prove challenging. For some kids, you can go pages without stopping, but the word they stumble over is the word that another child, several key stages below, read without hesitation! It just solidifies how important it is to invest time in young readers, irregardless of their natural ability, because each sentence is its own magic key. With every word, they open up their imagination and it is one of the greatest gifts anyone can have. I will grow tired of helping children discover it.

3. Drinking siriusly good coffee - on Tuesday, I used my first ever huggg (from mum) at Friska and it's officially joined my list of "best ever cappuccinos", alongside Cafe W and Coffee #1! Alongside  some of the fluffiest soya froth I've ever seen, I challenged myself recovery-wise with their vegan chocolate brownie. Those first few bites were out-of-this-world, though by the end i'll admit it was a tad too rich for my tastebuds. That  being said, I 'lived to tell the tale' perhaps that's a sign I need to do stuff like that more? Nonetheless, overall this trip was truly a Hug in a Mug and - thanks to Huggg - a reminder that there's always space for more hugs in the world. On that note....
4. Receiving a Huggg - the day after using my first ever Huggg,  I received a second from none other than my tea-twin; aka, the same person who sent me one earlier this week! As I spoke about in my last post, we've spent many hours on the sofas of Coffee One, sipping our way through a cappuccino (or six) and it was truly our Happee Place. So now that both of us have our respective Hugggs, our next  coffee date may just include more 'Warm Hugs' than Disney's favourite Snowman...

5. Christening my Windsor baby - not that Windsor baby, although I'm confident my own version would get animal-lover Meghan's seal of approval! After using the same backpack almost daily for  over a year, mum suggested buying me a Tote Bag for  Christmas. With my cruelty-free + quality-full  criteria, I consulted my own leather-free favourites guide(if I'm not going to endorse it, who else will?!) and Labante emerged as the chosen  brand. 

Not only is it big enough to fit my laptop, it also has separate compartments for my purse/ diabetes medication/ phone and there's still room for that trusty ball of *cruelty-free* yarn! I never thought that a bag would bring a smile to my day, but it's also not everyday you see a Brand that celebrate "a legacy of sustainibility." Bunny-friendly fashion has never looked so bee-autiful and I genuinely feel like a proud mother! Perhaps Meghan and I could share parenting tips?
6. Watching The Greatest Showman - Once again, Molly Weasley hits the nail on the head... "where have I been?!" Admittedly, I boycotted the film in cinema because of how they romanticised Barnum  - let's just say that he was not the man that Hugh Jackman portrays - but I finally tuned in on DVD and I couldn't help but fall in love. It's just one of those 'feel-good' classics and A Million Dreams has been playing on Spotify non-stop! 

7. Receiving Truly Magical Owl Post - Oh. My. GODric. There are no other words to describe the sheer magic of this parcel I received on Thursday. May I present to you, HEDWIG BUNTING. All handmade, by the most creative WitchCrafter in existence, complete with personally-addressed  letters all containing a  note and miniature gifts. It may be the most thoughtful gift I've ever received and I couldn't feel more grateful to have V in my life. If you love her creations as much as me, please do leave a comment - she has no idea how talented she is and truly is a treasure beyond measure! 
 "What made you smile this week?"

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