27 January 2019

Forget Goal-Setting... Try SOUL-Setting

After writing my last post, I began to reflect on how I could take active steps beyond my comfort zone, without jumping into the 'New Year Resolution' bandwagon and losing myself altogether (see this post for my real thoughts on the "new year, new me" mantra!) So I revisited what I wrote last week and it was the final line that stayed with me: "Let's try something new and see what happens, even if I only manage bumbling, baby steps. After all, they can sometimes become the greatest leaps of all." 

 "A comfort zone is a beautiful place,

But nothing ever grows there."
Growing means changing. Growing envolves seeing things from a different perspective. Growing requires letting go of the footsteps you've made before, allowing the tide to come in and starting over. In light of this, I decided to write down some positive changes I can take to set myself free from the comfort zone constrictions. It isn't "goal setting", because there won't be any rulebooks, checklists or  societal expectations. The word 'failure' will not be allowed, because this isn't about targets.

This is about Sophie. This is about creating possibility for SOPHIE, or Sandy, or Sarah, or whatever name your magical self possesses. Think of the things that could enrich your soul, no matter how small or inconsequential they may sound. If they matter to you, that's all the validation they need.

     SOUL SETTING  2019   

1. Starting my "7 Smiles Sunday" series: now only will this help me to find those "silver linings"  all year round - not just on the 365th day! I am not going to force myself to post it here every week, but I am going to put it in writing for me to look back on. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking, especially on the stormier days. Goodness knows the world could do with more sunshine. 

2. Trying New Foods: the Stegasauruses would be proud, because Herbivore-life has never bean so colourful! As a lactose-intolerant veggie, it's amazing to see how many plant-based options are on offer and it's also pushing me to step out anorexia's comfort crap zone. There, I said it, anorexia is a crap cook and has the tastebuds of a... turnip? Sorry turnip fans, but it's all I could think of and I can't say I get the hype! That being said, if you want to talk about a bandwagon I AM on board with...

M&S PLANT KITCHEN. As I began typing this, my Jackfruit Pizza was in the oven and was definitely a "road less travelled". Fast-forward two hours and I can report that pizza was both eaten and enjoyed and I now understand the Jackfruit hype too! To be honest, I'm still quite shocked I bought it, let alone ate it on the day of purchase, but I tried to see it as just another possibility. Like the brownie I mentioned in my last post, it may not be a road you'll travel again... but you don't know until you try. 
3. Ditching the "Preview" App. In truth, this one petrifies me. It would also be easy to hide behind the "blogger/business" profile and call it a necessity. The reality? I could have as many followers as Kylie Jenner, but if it's not benefitting my mental health, it's going in the (Kar)trash can. Okay, now you actually have to do it Sophie... Sophie... SOPHIE! 

*19 years later* It's done... and breathe.

4. Continuing Studio Vlogs: as of Wednesday, SPEWtube is back in business and I even opened my vlog with a message to the Mind Muggles. I also rewrote the lyrics to Do You Want to Build a Snowman for Instagram, which some may see as slightly left-field, but as I often tell myself: you're just as sane as Luna. In a world of conformity, be more like Luna! 

5. Posting more Selfies: As I said in #6 of my 2018 Silver Linings, Sophie endorsing the selfie is like Corbyn calling for no-deal brexit. It just doesn't happen! However, when I saw this post by Nicole, I realised that 2019 could do with a bit more selfie-love. In the last year, I could probably count the number of Sophie-photos on one hand... and the majority are face-bombed by Millie. I'm not about to go all-out duck-pout - unless I decide the SPEW Crew needs a  crochet Donald and Daisy - but you might be seeing more of this smile, gap-tooth and all.

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