5 February 2019

My Harry Potter Charity Project #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

19 years later... my POTTER PUFF CHARITY PROJECT is officially FREE, raising money and awareness for Young MindsBookTrustScotty's Little Soldiers and The Prince's Trust. In honour of Children's Mental Health Week, all four causes are connected to young people and are also causes that I am deeply passionate about. As Albus Dumbledore says:

 "It matters not what someone is 
Born, but what they grow to be!"
- Albus Dumbledore || Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

Every child deserves to be free, irregardless of where they come from or what obstacles stand in their way. There has been a lot of conversation lately about the darkness of social media, namely platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, so I hope my video can cast a glimmer of light. These four charities are proof that muggle-made magic exists, as long as we choose to believe in that better world. 

Yesterday evening, my four Pymgy Puffs bumbled along to Etsy and were all adopted in under five minutes! Subsequently, they each donated £10 to their chosen charity and hope to raise further awearensss through the power of Youtube SPEWtube! As Musical Matilda sings, "even if you're little you can do a lot", which also couldn't be more fitting for the causes they're championing. Youth can do it

Disclaimer: This video was very nearly put in the "recycle bin", along with 90% of the footage I film. Why? Long story short, technology was the boggart to end all boggarts last week.

I filmed the video no less than THREE times, with problems ranging from audio - aka there not being any - to the file simply being too big to transfer. My mum lovingly lent me her iPhone 8 to record with, as it was better quality, only for my Mac to decide it was "incompatible"... nice one Apple. To quote the Grinch: "you reject your own nose!" Once I finally had footage that was both audible and transferable, I got to work editing and lived to tell the tale. 

So surely, as the epilogue says, “all was well”? Life isn’t that simple with the Mind Muggles! I don’t have a fancy vlogging camera, lighting or external microphone. I've done my best with editing, but the raw footage - lighting/audio - wasn't ideal and any attempts to "denoise" left me sounding like an extra from iRobot (are they working for Apple too?) Suffice to say, all these technology issues together  felt like a sign that it just "wasn't meant to be." I was resolved to list my House Puffs on Etsy - come what may - but was RIDDLEd with doubts over posting the video. 

As this is a charity project, I’m want to give these charities the recognition they deserve. That‘s where Messrs Anxiety & Perfectionism got the better of me. However, thanks to some magical humans on instagram, I concluded that there were "far more important things" than looks and filters. Namely, fighting for a cause I truly believe in: young people's mental health.

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